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The Human Brain

What are dreams really made of? Are humans the smartest animal? What causes schizophrenia? Travel inside the mind and find out how the human brain works.

Is the computer a good model for the brain?

Computers can handle far more calculations per second than the human brain, and can store and retrieve information very reliably. Should we be jealous of these hunks of silicon and metal on our desks?

Too Much Charisma Can Actually Hurt a Leader's Effectiveness

A new study reveals that anything more than a moderate amount of charisma in a leader actually may interfere with his or her effectiveness. See more »

New Study Shows Cannabis Boosts Memory in Older Mice

Researchers have shown that THC in marijuana alters the structure of the brains in older mice to be more like brains of younger mice. Could the same be true for humans? See more »

Military Hopes Zapping Brains Leads to Faster Language Learning

Shock yourself by learning Italian, or learn Italian by shocking yourself? See more »

How Guessing Works

Humans do a lot of guessing to make sense of the world, even though we now have books and the internet to help us. So how do we get better at guessing? See more »

Even Cold Hard Cash Isn’t Enough Incentive to Listen to Opposing Views

People on both left and right in the U.S. were unwilling to learn about the others' views, even for pay, according to a new study. See more »

If You're Missing a Limb, the Brain Recruits Another for the Job

A new study shows that brain wiring might not be body part-specific but function-specific. See more »

Researchers Pinpoint Genetic Mutation in Chronic Night Owls

It's hard to be a night owl in an early bird world, especially when your genes are working against you. See more »

Science Takes Another Step Toward Erasing Painful Memories

Israeli researchers have managed to erase fear-inducing memories in mice by weakening the connection between the brain's amygdala and cortex. See more »

The Human Brain Is Hardwired for Poetry

Research suggests the human brain is wired to distinguish the rhyme and rhythm of verse from ordinary prose, and to react to literary contemplation. See more »

Relying on GPS Prevents Parts of Your Brain From Activating

Need a neural workout? Satnav devices may be convenient, but they could diminish our abilities for spatial reasoning. See more »