The Science of Storms

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  • How to Prepare for a Hurricane
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Are you prepared?
Storms Are Brewing! Is your home prepared?

Although some storms pop up without warning, others -- like hurricanes -- can be tracked for days so there are steps you can take to minimize the damage to your home and property. Take our quiz and see if you know what they are.

10 Must-haves in a Storm Survival Kit

Don't wait until there are storms in the forecast to get prepared. Gather the 10 must-have items for your storm survival kit now.

Is there really a "calm before the storm"?

The birds stop chirping, and the wind chimes are silent. This eerie calm that's invaded your neighborhood is just a temporary pause before the shrills and shrieks of the incoming storm.

How Rainbows Work

Rainbows are one of nature's most beautiful effects. Have you ever wondered how the colors end up in seemingly perfect bands? And, what about double rainbows -- how does that happen? Find out how rain and sun can align to put color in the sky.

How to Protect Your Property from a Storm Surge

The deadliest aspect of a hurricane is the storm surge. So is there any way to protect your property from this powerful force?

10 Most Destructive Storms

Witch homicide aside, Dorothy was lucky that her home safely traveled to Oz after the tornado. Many people who lived through the storms on our list were left with nothing.

Can it really rain frogs?

A heavy rain in which frogs come plummeting down isn't a pretty sight, but it happens more often than you'd think. Why do animals sometimes fall from the sky?

Was there really a great flood?

Many cultures have a flood myth -- an ancient story of a deluge that swallowed the Earth. So could a great flood really have happened, and how would we be able to tell?

What if I were struck by lightning?

Being struck by lightning is a little more complicated than a sudden collision with a flash of light from the sky. How can someone survive such a jolt?

Can animals predict the weather?

Can Fido predict an incoming tornado? If animals can predict the weather, do we stop trusting the weatherman and start visiting the zoo to get tomorrow's forecast?

How Meteorology Works

Before barometers and thermometers, people looked to the land and local lore to predict rain or shine. Have sophisticated statistical models and measuring tools changed the art of forecasting the weather that much?

Is hurricane intensity increasing?

Is hurricane intensity increasing? It all depends on who you ask. How have scientists come to so many different conclusions about the ferocity of these seasonal storms?

Fact or Fiction: Tornadoes

Tornadoes have always been a source of fascination, especially in the United States, which experiences more of them than anywhere in the world. They drop from the clouds, wreak havoc for a few terrifying minutes (or hours), and then vanish.

Why would someone fly an airplane into a hurricane?

It may seem like a perfectly reckless display of aeronautical wiles, but guiding an airplane into a swirling beast of a hurricane gleans data that can save lives. The only question is, who were the crazy mavericks who attempted it first?

Who were the first storm chasers?

When the weather radio sends the ominous signal that a tornado is near, most people run for cover. But some die-hard adventurers get their jollies by chasing these violent storms. Who started this dangerous hobby?

How Storm Chasers Work

If a tornado was heading your way, you'd probably head for the hills. But for some people, it's just the beginning of a chase.

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