What If

What if you never aged? What if dinosaurs were alive today? Explore the hypothetical with these and more 'what if' scenarios.


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What if the sun died?

It's going to take billions of years, but one day the sun will die. Read on to find out how the end of the sun will affect life on Earth.

What if there were no bees?

Doesn't matter whether you love seeing bees buzz around the garden in the spring or you hate it: Bees are vital to our existence. So what would happen if they all went away? The way we eat would change forever.

What if everyone on Earth spoke the same language?

Would the people of the world get along better if they spoke the same language? Or would it just be easier for us to hate each other?

What if Earth stopped spinning?

You can say goodbye to the seven continents and hello to days that seem infernally long. What else awaits you on a spin-free Earth?

What if a black hole formed near our solar system?

Black holes have serious pull, and they're not afraid to use it. Could one of these skulking bad boys ever arise in our home, sweet (solar system) home?

What If You Drink Saltwater?

It's all fun and games when you're on a deserted island. But eventually you're going to get really thirsty. How bad can glugging seawater be?

What if America had lost the Revolution?

If the colonists hadn't eked out a victory against the mighty British Empire, what would have been their fate? Would leaders like the beloved George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have been executed?

What If You Traveled Faster Than the Speed of Light?

The speed of light is like that annoying friend who beats you at every game. What would happen if humans one day surpassed the cosmic speed limit?

What if you fell into a black hole?

Call up your travel agent because we're booking a one-way flight to an exotic, five-star black hole. What are you in store for on this unique journey?

What if medical science cured all diseases?

It's one of those fantastic things you may have wished for at one point, like, say peace on Earth, but would a world full of cures be radically different from the one we know, or not so much?

What if we put an end to famine?

While organizations around the world are fighting to end famine, so far, no one has come up with a game-changer. Why does famine happen in the first place, and what would a hunger-free world be like?

What if we ended war?

Would we stick flowers in our hair and dance in the street? Or twiddle our thumbs and wonder what to do with all that new free time? Join us as we ponder a world without war.

What if everyone on Earth had easy access to clean water?

Would a world with ample water for all mean less disease? Fewer wars? Globally improved health and finances? Sip along with us as we wonder what if.

What if there were no such thing as illness?

It's a crazy thought, but what if cancer didn't exist? And malaria, schizophrenia and every other illness that disrupts our normal functioning? Come along as we investigate what such a world might look like.

What if there were no Google?

Unless you've been living under a rock (one not appearing on Google Maps’ Street View), you're probably intimately familiar with the behemoth and its many services. But what would the world look like if this powerhouse company had never existed?

What if dinosaurs were alive today?

Before leaving work, you'll need to check the traffic report. Lately, a disruptive T. rex has meant some adjustments to your commute. What other changes would be in store if dinos roamed the Earth?

What if you never aged?

Would you still be inclined to step up to the altar with your partner for life? Would you plod along on the same career path? You might not if we realize the dream of ageless, healthy human life.

What if I stuck my finger in an electrical outlet?

Each year, approximately 4,000 people go to the emergency room for injuries caused by accidents involving electrical outlets. While this number seems high, even more people never make it to the hospital. They die.