Space Exploration

Space exploration is a broad topic covering many facets of deep-space and planetary science. Learn about space probes, Mars Rovers, SETI and other out-of-this-world subjects.

10 Remarkable Exoplanets

There's a lot more out there than our measly solar system, and astronomers are becoming more adept at finding those worlds all the time. Here are 10 of their coolest discoveries.

Jupiter's Moon Europa Erupts Water Vapor (Maybe)

And suggestions of water elsewhere in the solar system are always pretty darn exciting.

'I'll Take a Reusable Rocket Trip for $43 Million, Please'

It's been a busy week for SpaceX. On Tuesday, the company announced its first customer for its reusable rockets. On Thursday, a SpaceX rocket and its payload blew up.

Closest Exoplanet Yet Confirmed By European Southern Observatory

And guess what? Proxima b, our nearest rocky exoplanet cousin, is in the all-important habitable zone, too.

Large Hadron Having a Smashing Good Time in 2016

What's up with the world's most famous particle accelerator almost eight years after it came online?

More Signs Point to Venus as Habitable in its Distant Past

A new NASA climate model sheds light on the early years of our neighbor, suggesting a period billions of years long that could've sustained life.

We Still Love You From Afar, Curiosity

It's hard to believe you've already been hanging out on Mars for four years now, Curiosity!

The High-tech Way NASA Spots Out-of-control Wildfires

We're still waiting for our firefighting robots, but in the meantime NASA has come up with some cutting-edge ways to find and fight wildfires.

The Galaxy Just Got More Crowded

Before today, NASA had identified 12 exoplanets that are within the so-called Goldilocks zone. They added a whopping nine more to the total today.

A Mighty Wind Blows ... in Space

How mighty? Well, about 124 million miles per hour.

Terrified of Cosmic Loneliness? Astrobiologists Have a Dating Tip

Aliens can only observe Earth in transit if they exist within Earth's transit zone. Is that where we'll finally find some cosmic company?