Plant terms are words and phrases that are used in botany. Plant terms describe plant life, growth, structure and classification. Knowing and understanding plant terms is vital to the study of botany.


Lespedeza, or Bush Clover, a group of annual and perennial herbs and shrubs native to eastern Asia, Australia, and North America.

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  • Conifer


    Conifer, one of a large group of trees and shrubs including members of the pine and yew families. See more »

  • Drupe


    Drupe, a fleshy fruit that develops from a single ovary and contains one or more seeds enclosed within a hard pit, or stone, in the fruit's center. See more »

  • Dutch Elm Disease

    Dutch Elm Disease

    Dutch Elm Disease, a severe disease that attacks elm trees. Some elm species, including the American elm, are more seriously affected than others. See more »

  • Houseplant


    Houseplant, a potted plant that is easily grown indoors. Houseplants provide decoration for the home and a hobby for the indoor gardener. See more »

  • Leaves


    Leaves, organs that grow from the stems of the higher plants. Leaves range in length from less than one inch (a few millimeters) in duckweeds to more than 50 feet (15 m) in some plants. See more »

  • Poisonous plant

    Poisonous plant

    Poisonous Plant, any plant that causes serious illness or death if eaten. The term also is applied to plants such as poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac, which cause skin irritation when touched; and to plants such as coca and hemp, which have dangerous effects when chewed or smoked. See more »

  • Root


    Root, the principal organ for the absorption of water and dissolved nutrients in most seed plants and in ferns. See more »

  • Seed


    Seed, a reproductive structure produced by plants as a means of giving rise to new plants similar to the parents. See more »

  • Stem


    Stem, a plant organ that typically grows above ground and bears leaves, buds, and flowers. See more »

  • Vine


    Vine, a plant with a trailing or climbing stem. A trailing stem is one that grows along the ground; it is too weak to stand upright and does not have any means of climbing. See more »

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