Learn about the various branches of the U.S. Military. Find out how they were formed, their role in the nation's defense, and what it's like to be a soldier in one of these branches.

How the U.S. Army Works

The U.S. Army is one of the three main branches of the U.S. military and is primarily concerned with fighting on the ground. Learn all about the U.S. Army from sign up to discharge.

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  • How the U.S. Coast Guard Works

    How the U.S. Coast Guard Works

    Unique among the U.S. armed forces, the Coast Guard is perpetually on active duty, entrusted with lots responsibilities and chronically underfunded. Learn about the U.S. Coast Guard. See more »

  • How the U.S. Marines Work

    How the U.S. Marines Work

    The Marines are the smallest branch of the U.S. military, and arguably the toughest. Learn why there is a Marine Corps, how it's structured, the history behind the Corps, how to join, life inside, and leaving. See more »

  • How the U.S. Navy Works

    How the U.S. Navy Works

    The United States Navy is the largest navy in the world. Learn how the Navy is structured, what ships it uses, what life is like in the Navy and how it has evolved over the years. See more »

  • Quiz: Name That Military-free Country

    Quiz: Name That Military-free Country

    Believe it or not, a number of countries around the world have either disarmed their militaries or never formed one in the first place. Test your knowledge of the world's nonmilitary powers. See more »

  • Air Force

    Air Force

    Air Force, the air arm of a nation's military forces, usually separately organized as coequal with the army and the navy. See more »

  • Air Police

    Air Police

    Air Police, the group that exercises police functions among personnel of the U.S. See more »

  • Air University

    Air University

    Air University, the center for the professional education of officers and senior noncommissioned officers of the United States Air Force. See more »

  • Aircraft Carrier

    Aircraft Carrier

    Aircraft Carrier, a naval vessel that uses airplanes and helicopters as its principal weapons. See more »

  • Amphibious Warfare

    Amphibious Warfare

    Amphibious Warfare, military campaigns of combined land and sea forces. Since no military action of any size would be undertaken without also using air power, the word triphibious, meaning use of land, sea, and air forces, has been suggested, but it is not commonly used. See more »

  • Armor


    Armor, a defensive covering, usually made of metal. It is worn by soldiers, sailors, or airmen to protect them against enemy weapons. See more »

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