Surveillance and Stealth

Explore the technologies used by the military to covertly acquire intelligence and infiltrate enemy lines. Learn how sophisticated listening devices and invisible aircraft enable military forces to get right up to the enemy's doorstep.

Underwater military bases sound super-cool, but what are the odds they truly exist?

We're not talking about one of those laughable get-ups that celebs don when they want to go incognito for a latte. Nope, we're talking elaborate disguises -- from operatic to scientific.

Code breakers use logic and intuition to uncover secret information. From ciphers in ancient Greece to modern computer encryption schemes, codes are becoming more complex and harder to solve. Who are the people breaking codes and how do they do it?

In parts of cities like Washington, D.C., gunshot-detection systems are improving police response time to shots fired. Sometimes, the perpetrator hasn’t even had time to flee the scene when the cops arrive.

There is some serious technology and ingenuity involved in making a 172-foot-wide, bomb-carrying aircraft "disappear." Find out how the B-2 bomber deals with enemy radar.

Gathering reconnaissance during battle typically puts small teams of soldiers in harm's way. Tiny robotic flyers, called micro air vehicles (MAVs), could do away with this danger. Learn all about spy flies.

I've heard about small planes that help the United States military gather information. How do these remotely operated spy planes work?

On a television drama last week, the plot involved photos taken of a Russian missile silo, and the characters mentioned a "keyhole satellite." What is a keyhole satellite and what can it really spy on?

When an airplane is described as a "stealth" aircraft, what does that mean? What is "stealth technology" and how does it work?