Personal Finance in the Military

There are many benefits to joining the military, such as special personal finance management options. These articles will help explain personal finance in the military.

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10 Financial Tips for Preparing for Deployment

When military personnel are deployed in service to their country, their financial responsibilities aren't put on hold. What should they do to make sure their affairs are still in order upon returning home?

How Military Credit Unions Work

Whether you're saving for college or a Hawaiian honeymoon, a military credit union might be able to help your reach your financial goal. But can you join one if you're not a member of the military?

How Debit Cards Work

Using a debit card is convenient but also comes with a certain amount of risk. What's the best way to protect yourself and keep an eye on your money?

How Military Video Conferencing Works

With video conferencing technology, soldiers can maintain contact with their families back home. Learn how the military uses video conferencing.