Biological fields are the different areas of study related to biology, such as botany, genetics and conservation. The various biological fields differ greatly in size, scope and methodology but all relate to the study of life.



Eugenics, the study of human heredity in order to find ways to improve future generations through selective reproduction.

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  • 10 Bizarre Treatments Doctors Used to Think Were Legit
    10 Bizarre Treatments Doctors Used to Think Were Legit

    From tobacco smoke enemas to whirling chairs, doctors have tried almost everything to cure human disease. See more »

  • How Cave Biology Works
    How Cave Biology Works

    A funny thing happens when you live in complete darkness. You lose your eyesight. At least that's what's happened to the species that have evolved inside our deepest, darkest caves. See more »

  • Why do people sing in the shower?
    Why do people sing in the shower?

    Jack Black does it. Wyclef Jean does it. And chances are, you do it, too. Everyone's a rock star in the bathroom. And there's a scientific explanation behind our soapy musical stylings. See more »

  • Bacteriology

    Bacteriology, the branch of biology devoted to the study of bacteria. Bacteriologists are concerned with the structure and functions of bacteria, with the environmental conditions that affect bacterial growth, with the effects of bacteria on the other organisms, and with the uses for bacteria. See more »

  • Biophysics

    Biophysics, the science that uses the principles and techniques of physics to study living organisms. See more »

  • Nature Study
    Nature Study

    Nature Study, the informal study of plants and animals, usually in their natural surroundings, and of other natural objects and events. See more »

  • Taxonomy

    Taxonomy, the branch of biology that deals with the classification of living and extinct organisms. See more »

  • Biometry

    Biometry, or Biometrics, the application of statistics to the study of living things. See more »

  • Bionics

    Bionics, the study of the functions of living organisms for the purpose of building mechanical or electronic devices to copy or imitate these functions. See more »

  • Botany

    Botany, the science of plants. Botany is one of the major branches of biology, the science of living things. See more »

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