Do you believe in life after death? This section explores the science behind the afterlife, including ghosts, exorcisms, ghost busters and other assorted phenomena.

How Space Burial Works

What do you want to happen to your mortal remains after you die? You could have them turned into a diamond, packed into ammo or shot into space. Speaking of which, how does turning back into star stuff work?

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  • 5 Groups Who Claim to Talk to the Dead

    5 Groups Who Claim to Talk to the Dead

    Move over, mediums. Lots of people say they talk to the dead, including the bereaved. Ready to meet a few others? See more »

  • Are you brave enough to face these haunted hotels?

    Are you brave enough to face these haunted hotels?

    Have you ever been spooked by a hotel stay? Find out how your supernatural experience measured up with these alleged hotel and motel ghost sightings. See more »

  • Fact or Fiction: Coffins and Caskets

    Fact or Fiction: Coffins and Caskets

    We read about them in books and see them on the silver screen, but what's the real deal on coffins? Test your knowledge of the realities and myths that surround these creepy containers with this fact-or-fiction quiz. See more »

  • Has science explained life after death?

    Has science explained life after death?

    Can you watch your body after you die? Near-death out-of-body experiences have left researchers wondering if life after death exists. How do scientists explain it? See more »

  • How Coffins Work

    How Coffins Work

    Made of plain pine or shaped like a shoe, mourners may inter them, suspend them or set them ablaze. Why do coffins have so many forms and functions? See more »

  • How Death Masks Work

    How Death Masks Work

    The best photograph can't touch one. A death mask, in all its 3-D glory, is the last likeness of a loved one that a family can own. After all, it vividly preserves what some consider to be the very essence of a person -- the face. See more »

  • How Embalming Works

    How Embalming Works

    You may know that the ancient Egyptians used embalming in mummification. But they weren't the first to embalm their dead, nor were they the last. In fact, it's still being done today. See more »

  • How EVP Works

    How EVP Works

    The eerie occurrence of "otherworldly" voices showing up on tape -- voices that weren't audible during recording -- is poised for the kind of exposure typically saved for UFOs and ESP. See more »

  • How Exorcism Works

    How Exorcism Works

    If you've seen the movie "The Exorcist," you have some idea of what exorcism is. But is it real, or are there other explanations for what some people call "possession"? Learn why a priest might perform an exorcism and more. See more »

  • How Ghost Busters Work

    How Ghost Busters Work

    The movie "Ghostbusters" introduced a generation to proton beams, ectoplasm and a terrorizing Stay Puft Marshmallow. Real-life ghost busting is a bit less glamorous and whole lot cleaner. See more »

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