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Do you believe in life after death? This section explores the science behind the afterlife, including ghosts, exorcisms, ghost busters and other assorted phenomena.

Is Scattering Someone's Ashes Technically Considered Littering?

It turns out you can't just scatter your loved one's ashes anywhere. So what can you do with them? See more »

Can You Bury Someone in Your Backyard?

Depending on which state you live in, you may be able to bury your loved ones in your garden. But there are some things to think about. See more »

A Coffee Mug Made With the Ashes of Your Loved One

So many people are getting cremated these days that we're starting to get pretty creative about what we do with all those ashes. See more »

Mummified Buddhist Monk Gets Covered in Pure Gold

The Chinese monk was preserved in a ceramic vessel for almost four years, and turned into a statue to inspire others to devote themselves to the practice. See more »

Is 'Jim Wilson' Airline Code for a Dead Body on a Plane?

How do airlines deal with the need to transport human remains? And just what should you think if you hear gate agents talk about a Mr. Jim Wilson? See more »

Turn Your Dead Body Into a Tree!

This is for those of you who want to think "outside the box," even when you're dead. See more »

5 Groups Who Claim to Talk to the Dead

Move over, mediums. Lots of people say they talk to the dead, including the bereaved. Ready to meet a few others? See more »

How Death Masks Work

The best photograph can't touch one. A death mask, in all its 3-D glory, is the last likeness of a loved one that a family can own. After all, it vividly preserves what some consider to be the very essence of a person -- the face. See more »

How Embalming Works

You may know that the ancient Egyptians used embalming in mummification. But they weren't the first to embalm their dead, nor were they the last. In fact, it's still being done today. See more »

How Space Burial Works

What do you want to happen to your mortal remains after you die? You could have them turned into a diamond, packed into ammo or shot into space. Speaking of which, how does turning back into star stuff work? See more »