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Space Exploration

Space exploration is a broad topic covering many facets of deep-space and planetary science. Learn about space probes, Mars Rovers, SETI and other out-of-this-world subjects.

10 Remarkable Exoplanets

There's a lot more out there than our measly solar system, and astronomers are becoming more adept at finding those worlds all the time. Here are 10 of their coolest discoveries.

We Still Love You From Afar, Curiosity

Hey, Curiosity, thanks for four years of roving Martian service. You're doing a pretty fantastic job. See more »

The High-tech Way NASA Spots Out-of-control Wildfires

NASA is working on some high-tech methods to fight forest fires. Learn more from HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

The Galaxy Just Got More Crowded

NASA announced the discovery of 1,284 new exoplanets today, with nine of them looking like particularly good candidates for possible life. See more »

A Mighty Wind Blows ... in Space

Some serious winds are blowing in space. Learn more about the quasar winds that astrophysicists have clocked travelling at 124 million miles per hour. See more »

Terrified of Cosmic Loneliness? Astrobiologists Have a Dating Tip

Aliens can only observe Earth in transit if they exist within our transit zone. Read more about the search for cosmic company at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

The Challenge of Building a Massive Space Telescope

NASA has collaborated with the ESA, CSA and multiple companies to build the JWST. Find out how they come together at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

NASA Urges You to Get Your Butt to Mars ... and Other Exciting Destinations

NASA/JPL wants to get you thinking about space travel, and has created some awesome free posters to inspire you. Learn more at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

European Space Agency Floats Idea of Building Moon 'Village' by 2030

The ESA wants to build a moon base in the next two decades, hoping to aid in missions to deeper space. Learn more in this HowStuffWorks Now article. See more »

Sorry, but Earth Is a Spark of Life in a Yawning, Dead Universe

Where did all the extraterrestrials go? Learn more about the Gaian bottleneck at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

NASA's Newest Graduating Class of Astronauts Achieves Gender Equality Milestone

NASA recently graduated its first class of astronauts with equal numbers of men and women. Learn more in this HowStuffWorks Now article. See more »