Stars are celestial bodies made up of hot gases. Stars radiate energy that comes form thermonuclear reactions. In this section you will learn all about stars and their importance in the universe.

Triple Star System Could Be a Stellar Cocktail Shaker for Life

Astronomers have discovered a life-giving chemical in a star system located 400 light-years away. Now we just have to wait and see what arises from the cosmic mix.

This Is How We'll Detect Life on Distant Exoplanets

We might be only a few years away from seeing whether potentially habitable worlds are inhabited. How cool is that?

Milky Way, How Do You Zip Through the Universe Like That?

Scientists have a new idea, and it has to do with gravitational attraction and repulsion.

Mark Your Calendars for These 2017 Space Events, Astronomy Fans

A total solar eclipse and a comet flyby are on the list of fascinating astronomical happenings 2017 has in store.

Jupiter-sized Planet Discovered Orbiting Two Stars

This is the largest-ever planet found in orbit around a binary star system, and like our own solar system neighbor, is a gas giant that probably has moons.

Spotted: Early Planetary Formation Around a Binary Star System

And you thought it was tough deciding which family to visit during the holidays. We just identified two stars in the process of forming a planet – or a planetary system.

Here's What Scientists Just Determined About the Moon's Influence on Rainfall

Our moon has the power to influence how much rain we get on Earth. The effect is too tiny to notice, but still: mad respect, Moon.

Astronomers Investigating Planetary Birth Make Discoveries Around Baby Stars

Over billions of years, the universe has produced a lot of worlds. How does it happen? Astronomers are studying young stars and the exoplanets forming around them.

We'll give you yet another reason why dark matter is cooler than visible matter.

10 Superstitions About Stars

These days, we may take the stars for granted, but it's not hard to imagine the wonder early humans must have felt gazing up at those inexplicable points of light. Naturally, superstitions were bound to develop — some more fortuitous than others.