Scientific Experiments

Scientific experiments are a fun and exciting way to learn more about the wonderful world of science. In this section you'll find great articles all about scientific experiments.

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The occasional oddball research premise slips past the people who review government grant applications. What are some of the craziest instances of your tax dollars at work?

By Robert Lamb

Like any quality-control system, peer review was designed to scrutinize all new scientific discoveries, ideas and implications. So how does flawed research still slip through the system of checks and balances?

By William Harris

Newton's iconic laws of motion are at work all around you, whether you're watching an Olympic swimmer explosively push off a pool wall or a sumo wrestler maintain his stance. So what are they?

By William Harris


You don't have to be a scientist in a white coat to use the scientific method. We all use it every day to make observations and solve problems.

By William Harris

The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Or is it? Learn how detectives, doctors, scientists, mathematicians, skeptics and theologians all use the principles of Occam's Razor to slice through data and arrive at a particular worldview or theory.

By Shannon Cicero

From potato chips to cornflakes, many of the things we consume today were not created by design. The inventors are often held in high regard, but their achievements were really just strange twists of fate.

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