NASA Inventions

From medical breakthroughs to innovations in golf ball design, many of the inventions developed by NASA for use in space exploration have touched our lives on Earth. In this section, learn about the surprisingly wide variety of NASA inventions.

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Until a certain female NASA mission specialist unwittingly propelled adult diapers into the media spotlight, we never gave this question much thought. How else has the space agency changed the business of elimination?

By Nicholas Gerbis

Want to see some cool NASA technology? Just look up. No, you don't need a telescope, but you might want to use a ladder. Not only has the space agency sent Americans to the moon, but it helped put some useful gear into your attic, as well.

By Sara Novak

NASA has worked with some of the most high-tech substances in modern history, including plastic, polymers and resins. But the organization has worked with plants, too -- all for better air and water quality.

By Tristin Hopper


NASA space helmets are nifty devices that allow astronauts to operate in the hostile environment of space, but did you know that the technology behind them has also directly benefitted eyeballs here on Earth? Learn more about NASA and optics.

By Stephanie Crawford

You probably think of NASA as that government agency that feeds us a regular diet of mind-blowing pictures of distant nebulae. But did you know that NASA's technology also helps firefighters protect your house and your family's lives every day?

By Craig Haggit

Solar energy is an up-and-coming field, but did you know that it owes much of its growth to NASA? Discover how NASA's research and development of solar power for space has trickled down to the Earthly realm.

By Nathan Chandler

If you thought that all NASA did was send shuttles into space, prepare to think again. Whether in the doctor's office, hospital or home medicine cabinet, you probably don’t go a day without bumping into some NASA technology.

By Linda C. Brinson


You might be familiar with space blankets -- those lightweight blankets worn by marathon runners or spectators in a football stadium. The technology was invented by NASA and is just one spinoff in the area of insulation. What are some others?

By John Kelly

NASA's technological innovations haven't just gotten us to the moon and beyond -- some have also helped make life a little greener here on Earth. What are five surprisingly grounded technologies spearheaded by NASA?

By Jessika Toothman