Repurposed Inventions

Repurposed inventions take recycling to a whole new level by using and improving upon existing technologies. In this section, learn about creative invention mashups and how inventions evolve over time.


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The Ultimate Downsize: Living in a Shipping Container Home

The trend toward tiny houses and rabid clutter clearing have combined to lead more than a few people away from the traditional home and into shipping container life.

McDonald's French Fry Oil Anti-Frothing Agent May Cure Baldness

Dimethylpolysiloxane has many uses, not the least of which might be curing baldness.

Recycling Stadium Urine as Turf Fertilizer Could Be a Golden Opportunity

Thousands of screaming fans. Thousands of beers. Thousands of visits to the bathroom. And a field that needs nutrients. You thinking what we're thinking?

5 Popular Invention Mashups

When early man attached a stick to a sharpened piece of stone, he set in motion a trend in the creation of tools: the mashup. Today, almost all tools combine at least a few different technologies. What are some popular invention mashups?

10 New Uses for Old Inventions

You think you really know an invention until -- whammo -- someone comes up with a new use for it. Ointment that soothes tired cow teats and treats baldness? Who would have thought?

What is the history of the remote control?

These days, remote controls seem to, well, control our lives. Most people tend to have piles of them strewn about their living rooms. But where did this ubiquitous technology come from? Where is it headed?

Top 5 Web Mashups

The World Wide Web is bursting with information, so much so that it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data available to us. How can we sort through and make sense of it all? That's where Web mashups come in.

5 Technology Mashups That Make Your Life Easier

If technology exists to make our lives easier, combining technologies into brand new devices seems like an even better idea. What are some of the most helpful, time-saving tech mashups?

How can a bar code save your life?

We're used to bar codes saving us time in the grocery store, but some applications of this handy technology might actually save your bacon. What are some potentially life-saving applications of bar code tech?

How 2-D Bar Codes Work

Bar codes have grown up in a big way since they hit the market with a bang (or a beep) in the 1970s. Now all you have to do is whip out your smartphone and point it at the nearest 2-D bar code. It may contain a message just for you, dear consumer.