The Solar System

In the Solar System Channel, you can explore the planets and celestial objects around our own sun. Learn about topics such as Mars, Jupiter and the Moon.

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Interstellar Asteroid 'Oumuamua Has Loads More to Tell Us

Yep, 'Oumuamua was probably kicked out of its own star system by an overbearing gas giant like Jupiter.

Worm, Strawberry, Blue: Every Moon Has a Name

Everyone's heard of the blue moon and the harvest moon, but did you know every single moon of the year has a name? Who named them and what do the names mean?

Early Humans Witnessed a Comet-scattering Stellar Encounter

Scholz's star buzzed our solar system back when humans and Neanderthals roamed the planet. Turns out that encounter may have shaken up a whole bunch of comets.

Mega-hurricanes and Monstrous Jets Lie Beneath Jupiter's Clouds

Beneath Jupiter's famous swirls and stripes is an environment that's completely unlike anything on Earth.

The Man on the Moon Is Calling, Via the First Lunar Cell Network

In 2019, the moon will be getting its own 4G network. That could be better service than some of us have here on Earth.

Why a Blue Moon's Not Really Blue

The term "blue moon" dates back to at least the 16th century. Since then, it's had several different definitions, many of which are contradictory. So what's a blue moon today?

Loneliest Black Hole Hides Inside Globe of Stars

It all started with the suspicious behavior of a single star.

Good News, Mars Colonists: Pure Water Ice You Can Dig Up With a Shovel

All those intrepid colonists are going to need a plentiful supply of water, and it turns out that accessing one may not be as hard as we thought.

Has the 'Twisted' Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts Been Solved?

The apparently random flashes in the sky known as FRBs have resisted being pinned down by astronomers. Until now.

Mark Your Calendars for These 2018 Space Events, Astronomy Fans

2018 should be a glorious year to turn your gaze skyward. Here's what to watch for.

What Did the Big Bang Sound Like?

It wasn't quite as loud as you might imagine.

Early Earth Pelted By Way More Debris Than Scientists Thought

When our planet was young, it took a beating from an unrelenting storm of planetesimals falling from the skies. Some of that debris meant more gold for the planet.

Why Galaxies Come in Different Shapes

How galaxies get their shapes and evolve is widely debated.

Leonid Meteor Shower 2017: What You Need to Know

The annual Leonid meteor shower is back, and peaks the in the early-morning hours of November 17 and 18. It's made up of tiny bits of debris from the comet Tempel-Tuttle.

Why Are Planets Almost Spherical?

Why not cylindrical? Or even cube-shaped?

Haumea, a Dwarf Planet in the Kuiper Belt, Has Its Own Ring

Things are getting a little more interesting out in Pluto's neighborhood.

New NASA Images Reveal Snowy Martian Dunes

Drop your keys and grab your skis. There's fresh Martian powder out there, as new NASA photos reveal in stunning detail.

Massive Asteroid Passing Near Earth in September, But Don't Freak Out

On Friday, Sept. 1, a large asteroid named Florence will zip by at a distance of about 4.4 million miles (7 million kilometers) — a tiny distance relative to the entirety of the universe.

Don't Toss Your Eclipse Glasses — Give Them a Second Life Instead

You probably have several pairs of eclipse glasses left over from the big total solar eclipse. Don't trash them — recycle, reuse or donate them instead.

Spectacular Solar Eclipse Leaves U.S. in Awe

The first total solar eclipse to cross the United States in almost 100 years leaves the country mesmerized.

An App for Visually Impaired People to Experience the Total Solar Eclipse

After all, it's not just the light that changes when the moon passes in front of the sun.

NASA Gets Ready to Punch an Asteroid in 2022 With DART Mission

And don't worry. Even if NASA misses, we'll be fine.