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Paleontology is a historical science focused on explaining life on earth. The study of fossils can help us answer the question of where we came from.

What can we learn from computational archaeology?

While archaeological digs are still hands-on projects, some computer programs can help piece together a more complete picture of the site and even what its inhabitants might have looked like. What else can the software tell us?

Newly Discovered Fossil Reveals Ancient Penguins Were Huge

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Matrilineal Dynasty Unearthed in Ancient Pueblo Community

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450 Huge Geometrical Earthworks in the Amazon Hint at Past Civilizations

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Human Penis Bone Disappeared With Rise of Monogamy, Succinct Sex

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Ancient Human Skeleton Found in Antikythera Shipwreck

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Scholars Could Crack the Code of the Etruscan Language With Big, New Find

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Bronze Age Wonders Emerge After 3,000 Years Beneath a British Bog

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If Those Aren't Human Hands in Ancient Cave Art … What Are They?

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New Expedition Hunts for Dinosaurs — And More! — Beneath Antarctic Ice

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So You Dug Up a Woolly Mammoth in Your Backyard. Can You Keep It?

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