Genetic Science

Genetics is the study of cellular science. It furthers our understanding of how DNA and the genetic make-up of species and can lead to cures for diseases and shape our future.

If You Can Smell Asparagus in Urine, Thank Your Genetics

Is it better to be grossed out by the smell of your asparagus pee, or not to be able to smell it all? A new study explains why some of us can detect this unique odor.

Scientists Discovered Which Genes Cause Uncombable Hair Syndrome

A condition that causes unruly, silvery-blond hair has been traced to mutations in three genes.

10 Ways We're Using Data to Fight Disease

Data science has helped us map Ebola outbreaks and detect Parkinson's disease, among many other applications. Where is this science headed?

Who Gets to Be Transhuman?

A transhumanist named Zoltan Istvan is running for U.S. president. Maybe it's time to learn a little more about the transhumanism movement.

Unapproved Stem Cell Treatments More Common in U.S. Than Previously Known

A new study catalogs the number of clinics performing stem cell "treatments" unapproved by the FDA, finding more than anybody realized.

Thought Experiment: What's Our Transhuman Path Beyond Earth?

Ever think about what an interplanetary human race might be like? We let our imaginations tackle that question in this thought experiment.

Kuwait to Collect DNA Samples From All Tourists, Visitors and Citizens

The Gulf country says collecting genetic DNA samples will help combat crime and terrorism. What if info is stolen? And can a government be trusted to not cross the line?

There's a Genetic Reason Why Labrador Retrievers Are Obsessed With Food

A new study shows the DNA of Labs may make them beg, scavenge and pay attention to food more intently than other breeds. And there are implications in that for humans.

How CRISPR Gene Editing Works

Genetic modification just became fast, easy and cheap, thanks to CRISPR technology which allows you to take out bad genes out of DNA — like for diseases — and insert good ones. Learn all about gene editing at HowStuffWorks.

MC1R Gene May Have a Hand in How Old You Look

Researchers have found if you have certain versions of the MC1R gene, you look about two years older than you really are. And no amount of spray-on tan can change that.