Nuclear science is the study of sub-atomic particles and their application in various disciplines. Here you can learn about nuclear power plants, atomic theory and radiation.

What is an atomic clock and how does it work?

Many ads for new clocks advertise their ability to automatically synchronize themselves with the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado. This atomic clock is more precise because it uses the frequencies of atoms as its resonator.

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  • How Atomic Clocks Work

    How Atomic Clocks Work

    When the power goes out and is later restored, how do you know what time to set your clocks to? Have you ever wondered how time is regulated? Learn how scientists determine exact time. See more »

  • How do they keep track of the particles in the LHC?

    How do they keep track of the particles in the LHC?

    To the uninitiated, the LHC can look like a junk drawer ... a junk drawer that's full of tiny, rapidly decaying particles that move at light speed. How do scientists know what's where? See more »

  • How does nuclear waste disposal work?

    How does nuclear waste disposal work?

    Nuclear waste epitomizes the double-edged sword of modern technology. It's a toxic and radioactive byproduct of nuclear medicine, nuclear weapons manufacturing and nuclear power plants. See more »

  • How easy is it to steal a nuclear bomb?

    How easy is it to steal a nuclear bomb?

    If you watched "24," you might think real-life Jack Bauers stop bad guys from detonating stolen nukes all the time. Just how hard is it to steal a nuclear weapon? See more »

  • How Japan's Nuclear Crisis Works

    How Japan's Nuclear Crisis Works

    Explosions, fires and dangerous radiation levels dominated the headlines after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami sparked a nuclear crisis in Japan. How did so many safety measures fail? See more »

  • How much do you know about the LHC?

    How much do you know about the LHC?

    Don't know your elbow from your accelerator? Don't be put off. Our Large Hadron Collider quiz isn't for experts only. Learn a little about the particle accelerator and what it does with our LHC quiz. See more »

  • How Nuclear Fusion Reactors Work

    How Nuclear Fusion Reactors Work

    Fusion reactors will use abundant sources of fuel, will not leak radiation above normal background levels, and will produce less radioactive waste than current fission reactors. Learn about this promising power source. See more »

  • How Nuclear Medicine Works

    How Nuclear Medicine Works

    Nuclear materials get used in many forms of nuclear medicine -- everything from PET scans to chemotherapy uses them. Learn how nuclear medicine works. See more »

  • How Nuclear Power Works

    How Nuclear Power Works

    On one hand, nuclear power offers a clean energy alternative that decreases fossil fuel dependence. On the other, it summons images of quake-ruptured Japanese power plants belching radioactive steam. What happens in reactors in good times and bad? See more »

  • How Nuclear Radiation Works

    How Nuclear Radiation Works

    Nuclear radiation can be extremely beneficial or extremely harmful -- it all depends on how it's used. Learn what nuclear radiation is all about. See more »

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