Everything in the universe is comprised of matter. Check out these articles for a better understanding of matter and how it affects you.


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Super Cool Science: How to Make Instant Ice at Home

Purified water will 'instantly freeze' under certain conditions, and you can even make it happen at home. Is it magic? No. It's science!

What Is Boyle's Law and Why Do I Already Know It?

Boyle's Law describes the relationship between pressure and the volume of a container with gas in it. As the volume of the container decreases, the pressure inside the container increases.

Why Are Air-dried Towels So Stiff?

A research team has found that water acts strangely on an air-drying towel, which contributes to its signature stiffness.

Entropy: The Invisible Force That Brings Disorder to the Universe

Entropy is the disorder of a system, but that means a lot more than making a mess of a room.

5 Hugely Fun Facts About Mass (Not Weight)

Weight is the measurement of gravity's pull on an object. And it varies by location. Mass is a different beast altogether.

Quarks Are the Building Blocks of All Matter

Protons and neutrons, the particles that form the nuclei of atoms, are themselves made up of even smaller particles known as quarks.

Antarctica's Spooky Cosmic Rays Might Shatter Physics As We Know It

Something very strange is afoot above the frozen landscape of Antarctica.

Scientists Have Devised a Revolutionary Way to Redefine the Kilogram

Researchers have come up with the most precise determination of Planck's constant ever, making it possible to reframe the idea of what a kilogram even is.

Extraterrestrial Form of Hot, Dense Ice Observed Forming in Lab

Stanford University researchers for have for the first time observed the formation of a super-dense frozen water crystals called ice VII, which don't naturally exist on Earth.

What Makes Ice Slippery?

Science is still working out exactly what makes frozen water so slippery, but there are a few intriguing theories.

How Controlled Burns Work

How effective is fighting a wildfire with controlled fire?

Is Particle Physics About to Rewrite the Standard Model? Not So Fast…

For nearly 40 years, science has relied upon the Standard Model of particle physics to describe the universe. But now some are saying that it's time for a rewrite.

How many atoms are in a person?

Atoms: the building blocks of life and the universe. We're all made of these microscopic bits of matter, but how many does it take to make a complete human being? And exactly what kinds of atoms do we have inside us?

What is a wavelength?

Wavelengths are used to measure the size of a wave. Learn about wavelengths in this article.

What Are the Basic Structure and the Atomic Number of an Atom?

An atom is made up of neutrons, protons and electrons, and its atomic number is calculated by adding up the number of protons and neutrons in the atom's nucleus. Learn about the basic structure and the atomic number of an atom in this article.

How does the photoelectric effect support the particle theory of light?

Your eyes can only perceive things in the presence of light. Learn how the photoelectric effect supports the particle theory of light in this article.

How Atoms Work

What exactly is an atom? What is it made of? What does it look like? The pursuit of the structure of the atom has married many areas of chemistry and physics in perhaps one of the greatest contributions of modern science!