Navies around the world engage in surface and sub-surface military operations at sea. Learn how aircraft carriers, carrier battle groups and next generation destroyers work.


Piracy, in international law, robbery on the high seas. Piracy is a crime against all nations. Since pirates are considered international criminals, they may be tried in the courts of any nation.

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  • How Aircraft Carriers Work

    How Aircraft Carriers Work

    The crew of the USS Abraham Lincoln returned home this week, after a wearying 10 months at sea. Take a tour of the U.S. military's most monumental machines, from flight deck to hangar bay to engine room. See more »

  • How Carrier Battle Groups Work

    How Carrier Battle Groups Work

    How does one of the most valuable pieces of military equipment travel around the world? When they move, an entire fleet of protective air and water craft moves with them. Learn all about carrier battle groups. See more »

  • How Nuclear Submarines Work

    How Nuclear Submarines Work

    Fanciful ideas of underwater submersibles fascinated engineers centuries before the nuclear submarine ever took shape. How did the nuclear submarine evolve? And what, exactly, makes it nuclear? See more »

  • How Photonics Masts Will Work

    How Photonics Masts Will Work

    The U.S. Navy's new subs will use photonics masts instead of periscopes. Learn how these imaging devices will work. See more »

  • How the FSF-1 Sea Fighter Works

    How the FSF-1 Sea Fighter Works

    Nations are facing a more guerilla-style warfare – even at sea, and the equipment must evolve to meet new demands. Enter the Sea Fighter. Learn about this experimental, high-speed, "invisible" ship. See more »

  • How the Zumwalt Class Destroyer Works

    How the Zumwalt Class Destroyer Works

    The Zumwalt is the military's class of next-generation destroyers. Find out how the Zumwalt class destroyer works and learn about Zumwalt technology. See more »

  • Battle Cruiser

    Battle Cruiser

    Battle Cruiser, a large, fast, heavily armed warship. The battle cruisers of World War I and World War II were the size of battleships and had the heavy guns of battleships, but were lightly armored, giving them the speed of cruisers. See more »

  • Battleship


    Battleship, a large, heavily gunned warship, protected by armor plate. For more than 50 years these vessels were the capital (major) ships of the world's navies, and a nation's naval strength was measured by the number of its battleships. See more »

  • Destroyer


    Destroyer, a highly maneuverable warship of small to medium size. The destroyer is designed to attack enemy vessels, especially submarines, and to protect other types of ships from air, surface, and submarine attacks. See more »

  • Frigate (vessel)

    Frigate (vessel)

    Frigate, a naval vessel designed to defend aircraft carriers and merchant ships against submarines. See more »

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