Robotics is the science of creating artificial intelligence. From the simplest of automated machines to the most complex “real” transformers, robots are more ubiquitious than you might imagine.

Fleshy, Huggable Robots Could Soon Roam Disney Theme Parks

A newly filed patent suggests that the famously stiff animatronics in Disney theme parks could get a lifelike upgrade.

Russian Gun-wielding Robot Totally 'Not a Terminator,' Says Russian Official

The android known as FEDOR used pistols to display its decision making and dexterity, officials said, not as a preview of robot warfare.

Watch This Robot Correct Its Mistakes Through Brain Waves

Baxter, a collaborative robot, even blushes when he messes up a task.

Robot Pingpong Coach Helps Players Up Their Table Tennis Game

Anything you can do on the pingpong table, FOPRPHEUS can show you how to do better.

Artificial Intelligence Is Getting So Smart, We Need It to Show Its Work

We've taught the machines to make decisions, but we haven't been paying as much attention to how and why they're learning.

Japanese Engineers Create Robot That Does Pushups, Sweats to Cool Off

How can you keep motors from overheating without bulky fans and cooling systems? Engineers looked to the human body for inspiration.

Rovables: Tiny Robots That Roll on Your Clothes All Day

Researchers have developed wearable, mobile robots that can act as sensors, displays and even a necklace.

Statcheck: When Bots 'Correct' Academics

A new application called Statcheck is bringing some academics a lot closer to AI. Not everyone's a fan.

Robots Made With Living Tissue? That Future Is Arriving Now

What are the benefits of growing living tissue in a lab and fusing it to a robotic body? This Fw:Thinking video explores our cyborg future.

Mudskipper Robot Helps Show How Vertebrates Evolved to Walk on Land

A robot to simulate mudskipper locomotion gives scientists a look into the success of the first land vertebrate ancestors, and points to our future on other planets.