Robotics is the science of creating artificial intelligence. From the simplest of automated machines to the most complex “real” transformers, robots are more ubiquitious than you might imagine.

How have robots changed manufacturing?

Break things down to the original Latin and the term "manufacturing" is literally a matter of using your hands to make things. These days, those hands often aren't human. So how are robots remaking our world?

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  • 10 Evil Robots Bent on Destroying Humanity

    10 Evil Robots Bent on Destroying Humanity

    "Hahaha ... we've come to destroy your world!" Or so it must read in the chapter of the "Evil Robot Handbook" on what to say when you first encounter humans. Here are 10 robots you really don't want to mess with. See more »

  • 10 Hardest Things to Teach a Robot

    10 Hardest Things to Teach a Robot

    If we're ever going to live in a world in which machines behave like people, we humans have some teaching to do. But as this writing robot attests, we're not as far away as you might think. See more »

  • 10 Historical Robots

    10 Historical Robots

    We think of robots as modern inventions, or maybe even retro creations meant to realize futuristic visions. But automata go back – way back – into history. See more »

  • 10 Robots With Dirty Jobs

    10 Robots With Dirty Jobs

    So you like to complain about your demonic boss, moronic co-workers and fancy company coffee machine that never, ever works? You need to zip it and meet these 10 hard-working bots. They could tell you stories. See more »

  • Could computers and robots become conscious? If so, what happens then?

    Could computers and robots become conscious? If so, what happens then?

    Artificial intelligence has advanced very quickly. Some believe that it's possible that machines will eventually be able to improve themselves. But could machines ever truly achieve consciousness? See more »

  • How ASIMO Works

    How ASIMO Works

    It walks, it talks and it works as a receptionist. Honda engineers have been busy creating the ASIMO robot for more than 20 years, and it shows. See more »

  • How Baxter the Robot Works

    How Baxter the Robot Works

    Get ready to welcome your new robotic coworker. He's careful and friendly, and he's ready to learn. And he could revolutionize the manufacturing industry. See more »

  • How Birth Simulators Work

    How Birth Simulators Work

    Full-size robotic mannequins give birth to robotic babies every day in medical training facilities. How do these mommy mimics prep students for the real deal? See more »

  • How ConnectR Works

    How ConnectR Works

    Created for social purposes, it’s meant to act as a virtual presence, helping keep far-off relatives and late-working parents connected to their families. What is it? A robot called the ConnectR. See more »

  • How FIRST Works

    How FIRST Works

    Robots continue to work their way into every aspect of our lives, but these advancements aren't self-sustaining. The fields of robotics, engineering and science depend on a steady pipeline of young minds. And that's where FIRST comes in. See more »

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