Engineering is the discipline of design and construction of mechanical devices, equipment, structures and public works systems. Topics include aircraft technologies, buildings, bridges, robotics and heavy machinery.

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Robots May Take Millions of U.S. Jobs by 2021

The robot workforce is growing, according to new research — and millions of U.S. jobs could be on the line.

Your Thoughts Could Activate a Tiny Robot Inside Your Own Brain

For the first time, Israeli researchers have developed a system that lets a human use brain waves to control nanobots in a cockroach. How could that help your health?

Airports That Float

What do you do when you're out of land but want to expand an airport? Try building on water.

Octobot Is a Squishy, Cute, Autonomous Robot

And someday soft-bodied bots like this could slither in and out of your belly and revolutionize biomedical technology.

Manure Goes Couture: This Clothing Used to Be Cow Poop

If Jalila Essaidi's company Mestic has anything to do with it, the future of fashion — and basically everything else we use in our daily lives — is poop.

Police Used a Robot to Kill Dallas Suspect — And It'll Happen Again

While the recent robotic lethal force by police in Dallas may be shocking, experts say it's legal, and we're likely to see it happen again.

Robotic Rectums Give Docs a Feel for Prostates

Not surprisingly, there aren't a lot of volunteers for doctors to practice manual prostate exams on. Enter the robotic rectum. We like to call it a robum.

Chatbot Delivers Justice, One Parking Ticket at a Time

Parking tickets are a pain. Chatbots can be too. But that hasn't stopped one programmer from creating a bot to help overturn thousands of tickets.

SpotMini: A Robot Dog Capable of Doing Dishes, Delivering Drinks

Google-owned company Boston Dynamics is at the forefront of creating lifelike robots.

There's One Terrific Reason to Race Camels Using Robot Jockeys

There's more to replacing human riders than just using cool tech, as the advancement helps solve a serious human rights issue.

Watch the World's Highest Glass Bridge Get Sledgehammered

China's Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass-bottomed bridge is so high most of the world's buildings would fit in the gap between it and the canyon floor. So why not hit it?

This Man Built His Own Life-size Robot Version of a Hollywood Star

Just call it RoboScarJo 2.0. But what does it mean for privacy rights when someone can literally objectify another human being, celebrity or otherwise, like this?

Prof's Teaching Assistant Isn't Human

Any guesses as to what it was, if not some grad student?

Swallowed a Battery? No Problem. Just Eat This Tiny Robot, Too.

Doctors see it all, including 3,500 people who swallow button batteries annually. Soon those docs may get help from tiny, edible robots that can retrieve foreign objects.

Tiny Robot Monk Joins the Fold at Beijing Buddhist Temple

The diminutive robot Xian'er was based on a cartoon, and can chat about Buddhism using artificial intelligence programming.

The Possible Uses of This ‘Second Skin’ Are Pretty Amazing

If you give us a tunable polysiloxane-based material, 21st century Americans can’t resist going full-on Kardashian with it.

Skyscrapers of the Future Could Be Made of Wood

Steel and glass office towers are the norm in most modern cities. But some imaginative architects want to switch to a renewable, less carbon-intensive old standby: wood.

Tiny Robots Take on Heavy Metals in Wastewater

Scientists created microbots that can remove pollutants from contaminated water. Could these simple machines provide an efficient way to clean up toxic wastewater?

Big Cities, Big Ideas: Getting Around in the Future

A lot of people live in cities now. Even more will live in them in the future. What are the big ideas for getting them where they need to go?

Hanging With the Robot Experts at SXSW Interactive 2016

And here's what we learned: Humans could "get along better" with robots if we incorporated more social cues in the 'bots.

When Will U.S. Subway Design Catch Up With the Rest of the World?

An open-gangway style of subway train could increase ridership by 10 percent. The United States could adopt that soon, with New York and Honolulu paving the way.

Does Grandpa Need Help in the Bathroom? Send in C-3PO

Automated elder care is an inevitability, so let's have fun with the design.

Robotic Animals Are Helping to Catch Poachers

In the battle to stop wildlife poaching, law enforcement officials are increasingly using an army of robotic animals that fool illegal hunters.

Robotic Prosthesis Lets Drummers Play a Three-armed Cyborg Beat

Researchers are giving percussionists a hand by creating smart technology that can improvise a beat to play along with a drummer.

A Small Shove for a Robot, a Giant Leap for Robotkind

In their new footage of Atlas, Boston Dynamics isn't just picking on a robot. They’re demonstrating mastery of some of the most difficult issues in robotics.