NASA Inventions

From medical breakthroughs to innovations in golf ball design, many of the inventions developed by NASA for use in space exploration have touched our lives on Earth. In this section, learn about the surprisingly wide variety of NASA inventions.

Did NASA create a new adventure sport?

We have NASA to thank for all sorts of amazing technological innovations, but sometimes, NASA's research is applied in surprising ways. Read on to discover how one company is taking ordinary skydiving -- and adventure sports -- to a whole new level.

Revolutionary Camera Captures NASA's Most Powerful Rocket in Amazing Detail

The HiDyRS-X camera is a slow-motion, high-definition, dynamic range powerhouse built specifically for rocket science.

How WISE Works

NASA recycles too. The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) was originally launched to search for infrared radiation coming from distant objects like asteroids. Now it's been repurposed to look for near-Earth objects. And not a minute too soon.

How did NASA change diapers forever?

Until a certain female NASA mission specialist unwittingly propelled adult diapers into the media spotlight, we never gave this question much thought. How else has the space agency changed the business of elimination?

Why did NASA invent the ribbed swimsuit?

Aside from perhaps Olympic swimmers Michael Phelps or Dara Torres, most of us humans aren't designed for swimming, but the U.S. space agency has tried to change that reality more than once. How?

How are NASA golf balls different?

The golf industry is always trying out new designs to make your shot better -- but how did NASA help improve the golf ball?

5 Types of NASA Technology in Your Attic

Want to see some cool NASA technology? Just look up. No, you don't need a telescope, but you might want to use a ladder. Not only has the space agency sent Americans to the moon, but it helped put some useful gear into your attic, as well.

5 Strange Items Developed from NASA Technology

Many commercial products based on NASA research are a part of our everyday lives. Some things, however, are more unusual than others. Check out our list of five strange items developed from NASA technology.

How has NASA helped improve our air and water?

NASA has worked with some of the most high-tech substances in modern history, including plastic, polymers and resins. But the organization has worked with plants, too -- all for better air and water quality.

Who invented virtual reality technology?

The idea of virtual reality has been around for a long time, but it wasn't always linked to computers and fancy gear. In fact, virtual reality technology got its start in film. Who created the first virtual reality experience?

How did NASA improve baby food?

Engineers and scientists at NASA have come up with dozens of new technologies, inventions and processes for use on Earth. One of them was baby food. So, how did these space-savvy men and women change the formula for formula?