Everyday Myths

There are certain aspects of everyday science that we think of as fact, but in reality may be pure urban legend. In this section, you can learn about some of the everyday science myths you may encounter.

Your Body Aches Have Nothing to Do With the Weather

New studies found no link between back pain, arthritis and the temperature, air pressure or humidity.

13 Not 12 Constellations in the Zodiac, NASA Points Out

Thousands of years ago, the Babylonians created the zodiac and dropped a constellation when it didn't quite fit into their schematic. Its name? Opiuchus.

Chemtrails Can't Be Proven, Say Top Scientists — But Will That Sway Believers?

Top atmospheric scientists say there's no evidence those lines in the sky are part of some sinister government plot. But will that dissuade conspiracy theorists?

Contrails, Not Chemtrails, Say Scientists in New Study

Not sure what chemtrails are or where you stand on them? A newly published, peer-reviewed examination of the chemtrail hypothesis could be for you. We have the scoop.

Scientists Prove Schrodinger's Cat Can Be in Two Places at Once

A bunch of Yale physicists decided to give Schrodinger's cat not one but two boxes. And that, strangely enough, could eventually prove handy for quantum computing.

I Want to Drink Your Blood. I'll Need 6.4 Minutes

Fast, right? You'll have no trouble accommodating your vampire overlord.

Feuding Over a Flat Earth Is Nothing New

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and rapper B.o.B join centuries of folks who have argued over the shape of the planet. The diss tracks are a new twist though.

Scientists Discover Whether Fear Alone Is Enough to Literally Curdle Blood

You've heard the term 'bloodcurdling scream,' and blood can thicken in response to actual physical threats. Is the same possible when the fear is entirely fictional?

Can your hair turn white overnight?

Of all the cosmetic problems to worry about waking up to — dark under-eye circles, a blemish on your nose, new stubble on your chin — a headful of white hair ranks pretty low on your list. Should you be more concerned?

Is Chicago the windiest city in the U.S.?

Chicago, widely known as "The Windy City," certainly seems to have earned its rep. Plus, it's a pretty cool nickname. But is it actually the windiest city? Hey, Chicagoans, let's prove it once and for all.