Science Questions

Science questions are a fun and interesting way to learn about planet Earth, organisms and the universe. In this section you'll find an incredible collection of science questions covering a wide variety of topics.

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Humans are nature's best throwers, and new research suggest this has to do with practice — and some complex internal math.

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Hare-to-the-throne Simon was rabbit royalty expected to surpass his dad Darius and brother Jeff as the world's largest rabbit. But then he mysteriously died.

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A compilation of the coolest new podcasts, videos and articles at HowStuffWorks.

A compilation of the coolest new podcasts, videos and articles at HowStuffWorks.

A compilation of the coolest new podcasts, videos and articles at HowStuffWorks.

President-elect Trump has proposed cutting the agency's Earth science budget. But doing so could negatively impact construction, farming and infrastructure projects.

The practice of clapping to show our approval is an ancient one. But recent research suggests that applause actually spreads like a contagious disease.

Very often, media coverage of scientific studies is misleading or just plain wrong. What do scientists think would make it better?

College students who volunteer to participate in academic experiments for extra credit don't exactly represent humanity. And that's a problem for research.

In 1915, the great physicist predicted the existence of ripples in space-time called gravitational waves. A century later, scientists finally have detected them on Earth.

The fascinating world around us provides endless amazement. It's a weird world, and we love writing about it. These are some of our staff's favorite pieces from 2015.

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Even time. But a new study has challenged that finding.

The genetic material from two parents combines to form a child. Can we throw a third set of genes into the mix?