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Get the science behind the inner workings of bombs, missiles and handheld weapons, including grenades. Learn how they work and how they are used to inflict maximum damage.

How do scientists determine if a nuclear blast has occurred?

In the first reports released since North Korea announced its underground nuclear test on Monday, officials are saying they have found no evidence of a nuclear signature in the air above the blast site.

How Suicide Bombers Work

Suicide bombers use a unique form of terrorism in order to advance their message. Learn about suicide bombers. See more »

How Napalm Works

Napalm is a fiery tactical weapon that can stick to targets like no other incendiary weapon. Learn how napalm is used in war and who has used it. See more »

How IEDs Work

IEDs (improvised explosive devices) are simple to make, easily hidden and very destructive. Read why IEDs are the weapon of choice for some fighters. See more »

Why does the Army have a Javelin missile simulator?

Javelin missile simulator trains U.S. military personnel how to fire the rocket launcher using computer technology. Learn about the Javelin missile simulator. See more »

How Nuclear Detectives Work

Nuclear detectives earn their paychecks helping to keep the peace. How do nuclear detectives prevent the bomb from falling into the wrong hands? See more »

Is it worse to be near an explosion on land or in water?

Facing an explosion on land or underwater would be a grim prospect, but one option is safer. Find out if an underwater explosion is your best bet. See more »

Fallout Shelter Pictures

Fallout shelter pictures showing different construction methods. Check out these fallout shelter pictures. See more »

How Blast-resistant Clothing Works

Blast-resistant clothing protects explosive ordnance disposal technicians and other professionals. Read about jobs that require blast-resistant clothing. See more »

How did the U.S. shoot down its spy satellite?

How did the U.S. shoot down its spy satellite? Read and decide for yourself if the spy satellite removal is for safety or missile defense testing. See more »

How the Guardian Anti-missile System Works

The threat to commercial airplanes has become huge. Learn how the Guardian Solution for Commercial Airplanes defends planes from lethal attacks. See more »