Cellular & Microscopic Biology

Cellular and microscopic biology allow scientists to study cells and microorganisms. Cellular biology is the study of cells, including their structure and function. Microbiology is the study of microorganisms, which include algae, bacteria, and viruses.

Scientists Control Cells With Light, Make Cool Artwork

But the artwork is just the beginning of how scientists hope to boss around engineered bacteria.

Our Gut Microbes Have Circadian Rhythms, Too — And They Might Own Us

We've known for while that our microbiomes affect our health, but new research suggest their circadian rhythms are tightly interconnected with ours.

Study Suggests Early Antibiotics Could Affect Adult Health and Behavior

A new study conducted on mice found a change in anxiety and aggression, and that probiotics could mediate any changes.

Your Walk Is So Distinct It Can Reveal Deep Personality Traits

New studies suggests your gait may be able to predict something deeper than just a temporary mood.

Germs May Help Shape Our Personalities

It's all connected! Recent rodent research suggests that immune responses and social behavior may be more intertwined than we realized.

Superbugs Found at Rio Olympic Swimming Spots

With 51 days and counting until the Olympics, Rio's busy dealing with yet another crisis: the presence of super bacteria at many of the Olympic swimming holes.

What's the Oldest Living Thing on Earth?

Trees? Fungus? Bacteria? It all kind of depends on how you define "alive" ... and how you define "thing," as this BrainStuff video explains.

Cheerleaders Help Discover Bacteria That Grows Better In Zero-Gravity

Citizen scientists collected bacteria strains to send to the International Space Station. All grew exactly the same as on Earth — except for one, which grew much faster.

Slimy Bacteria Inch Toward the Light

As if you needed another reason to find slime weird, researchers revealed that it moves toward light with tiny tentacles.

Frozen Virus Gets Second Chance, 30,000 Years Later

Ancient, frozen viruses are destined for resurrection anyway, as climate change continues. Researchers figure we might as well see what humanity is up against.