The New Space Age

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Race to the Finish Line: The Final Frontier
Branson or Bezos: How well do you know the players in the new space race?

Consult your racing forms, because the space race, once dominated by nationalized thoroughbreds, has opened up to private ponies. Try our new space race quiz and find out if you’re a punter or a piker.

5 Tiny Countries With Big Space Dreams

Do you know what that spacecraft is? It's one of the old Soviet space shuttles, and it never would have gotten built without the help of one the tiny countries on our list. Can you guess which one?

10 Signs China Is Serious About Space

Blasting off from the shoulders of giants, China is slowly but steadily getting ready to conquer the next frontier: space. Here are 10 reasons why we're convinced it really might happen.

5 Post-shuttle NASA Programs

By the time space shuttle Atlantis touched down after its final voyage in July 2011, a major shift in strategy for space exploration was already under way. What are NASA's newest programs?

How the Mars Curiosity Rover Works

Martians, there's a spiffy, new rover in town. If you want to meet this nuclear-powered, laser-toting monster truck of science, head on over to the Gale Crater to get a glimpse.

Is space tourism safe?

If you had the money, would you pay $200,000 to launch into space? For at least one couple, the answer is yes. But is a space tour safe for the average citizen?

How Planet Hunting Works

Don't worry. We still love you, Earth, but we've been wondering about the possibility of life on other worlds for centuries, and now we have the tools to do some exploring. What have astronomers found so far?


In March 2011, European scientists announced the launch of a project called SPACECAST to detect and forecast space weather. How will it work and what do they hope to learn?

Stuff You Should Watch: The Solar System and Beyond
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10 Fictional Spacecraft We Wish Were Real

In honor of Douglas Adams and galactic hitchhikers everywhere, we submit this list of 10 spacecraft that we hopelessly pine for. Mindboggingly beautiful!


Quiz: What's Next for NASA?


Now that the space shuttle program has concluded, NASA is poised to start a new era. How much do you know about the agency's future missions? Test your knowledge with our quiz.

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