Have you ever wondered how black lights, or mirrors work? This collection of articles will explain the workings of some of the most common inventions and innovations you come into contact with everyday.

How does a blood pressure gauge (sphygmomanometer) work? What exactly is blood pressure?

Most doctors use a variety of instruments to assess your health. Ever wondered just what they all do?

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  • Are patent trolls smothering innovation?

    Are patent trolls smothering innovation?

    So-called "patent trolls" buy patents from others and use them to make money from companies that have built a successful market for a product. Have their tactics created a kind of tax on innovation? See more »

  • How  Mirrors Work

    How Mirrors Work

    For such a pedestrian item, mirrors resonate deeply in the human psyche. They represent truth and illusion at the same time, and this dichotomy has shown up in literature time and again. See more »

  • How Adhesive Tape Works

    How Adhesive Tape Works

    In 1925, after an auto paint job gone wrong, a young research assistant was struck by the idea for adhesive tape. But how does tape actually stick, and how are we able to peel it off a roll? See more »

  • How Aerosol Cans Work

    How Aerosol Cans Work

    They dispense everything from hairspray to cleaning products to whipped cream. Without them, you'd be doing a whole lot of pumping.  See more »

  • How are bendy straws made?

    How are bendy straws made?

    It bends to your will, it has nifty ridges, and it allows patients and little kids alike to slurp along with everyone else. How did the flexible straw begin its days? See more »

  • How Artificial Blood Works

    How Artificial Blood Works

    Swapping out a non-functioning organ for a manmade replacement usually makes sense, but what about a manmade replacement for blood? Learn all about artificial blood. See more »

  • How Artificial Hearts Work

    How Artificial Hearts Work

    On July 2, 2001, heart failure patients gained new hope, as surgeons performed the first artificial heart transplant in nearly two decades. The AbioCor Implantable Replacement Heart is the first completely self-contained artificial heart and is expected to at least double the life expectancy of patients. See more »

  • How Artificial Vision Will Work

    How Artificial Vision Will Work

    There was once no cure for blindness, but artificial vision systems implanted directly on the retina may restore sight. Is a silicon microchip the answer to combating retinal disease? See more »

  • How Black Lights Work

    How Black Lights Work

    Black lights look like normal lights, but they do something completely different. Switch one on, and fingernails, laundry detergent, highlighters, money and teeth will glow in the dark. Find out what why. See more »

  • How Breast Implants Work

    How Breast Implants Work

    Breast implants are becoming a popular high school graduation present for parents in the U.S. to give their teens. Learn all about breast implants and the surgical process of augmentation. See more »

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