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  • 10 Ways Earth Is Trying to Kill You

    10 Ways Earth Is Trying to Kill You

    Mother Earth seems to have a love/hate thing going on with humans. While the planet we call home has all the essentials we need for life, it also has some nasty — and deadly — surprises.

  • Can a baby have three parents?

    Can a baby have three biological parents?

    The genetic material from two parents combines to form a child. Can we throw a third set of genes into the mix?

  • How Body Donation Works

    How Donating Your Body to Science Works

    There's a great need for people to donate their bodies to science but not many people think about doing it. What happens to your body after you make that decision?

  • Do tornadoes really avoid mountains?

    Do tornadoes really avoid mountains?

    Every year during tornado season, we see devastating effects of twisters in flat regions. But what about mountains? Do tornadoes steer clear of mountainous landscapes?

  • 10 Ways Earth Is Trying to Kill You
  • Can a baby have three parents?
  • How Body Donation Works
  • Do tornadoes really avoid mountains?
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