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  • 10 Futuristic Construction Technologies

    10 Futuristic Construction Technologies

    First, there was only mud. Now there’s transparent aluminum, self-healing concrete and a swarm of nanobots to build your home. Meet your dwelling of the future.

  • How Terraforming Works

    How Terraforming Works

    If we ever want to start cruising this vast universe, we're going to need some different ports of call along the way. What and where are they?

  • Could Earth ever get a new ocean?

    Could Earth ever get a new ocean?

    To say geologic time moves at a snail's pace is an insult to snails. Our planet's continents are always in flux: Could a new ocean grow amid those incredibly slow changes?

  • How much does light weigh?

    How much does light weigh?

    Seven ounces a ray! No, that's a lie. Measuring the weight of light is not as straightforward as that. So what's the more complicated explanation?

  • 10 Futuristic Construction Technologies
  • How Terraforming Works
  • Could Earth ever get a new ocean?
  • How much does light weigh?
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