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  • 10 Superstitions About Stars

    10 Superstitions About Stars

    These days, we may take the stars for granted, but it's not hard to imagine the wonder early humans must have felt gazing up at those inexplicable points of light. Naturally, superstitions were bound to develop — some more fortuitous than others.

  • How do space telescopes die?

    How do space telescopes die?

    Even NASA's best-designed space telescopes can break, become obsolete or simply complete their missions. But what happens then? Are they shipped off to some great cosmic graveyard, or are they given a renewed lease on life and scientific glory?

  • Can sleeping with a concussion kill you?

    Can sleeping with a concussion kill you?

    The nausea and dizziness that result from a concussion are bad enough. On top of those symptoms, do you have to worry about dying if you fall asleep?

  • How rare are double rainbows?

    How rare are double rainbows?

    A double rainbow, man! Just the sight of one can send us babbling into happiness. And why not? Rainbows are beautiful. And two rainbows at the same time? Even better. But just how rare are these colorful arcs?

  • 10 Superstitions About Stars
  • How do space telescopes die?
  • Can sleeping with a concussion kill you?
  • How rare are double rainbows?
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