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  • 10 Crackpot Theories About Space

    10 Crackpot Theories About Space

    Our knowledge of space changes all the time as new discoveries are made. But some ideas about the universe have never really held water – including the one that everything is made of frozen H2O.

  • How Ramjets Work

    How Ramjets Work

    Imagine whipping through the sky at thousands of miles per hour. This special type of jet engine can do exactly that.

  • Is glass really a liquid?

    Is glass really a liquid?

    Whether it's checking your look in a mirror or using a smartphone, we've come to rely on glass so much that it's nearly impossible to imagine life without it. But what exactly is this remarkable material? Solid, liquid or other?

  • Could aliens really watch old TV shows?

    Could aliens really watch old TV shows?

    In space, no one can hear you scream — but they might be able to hear The Beatles' "Across the Universe." The idea of ETs listening to our radio signals or watching our TV shows is pretty far out, but is it even possible?

  • 10 Crackpot Theories About Space
  • How Ramjets Work
  • Is glass really a liquid?
  • Could aliens really watch old TV shows?
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