Energy Production

The greatest need modern civilizations have is energy. Learn about oil, electricity and newer forms of energy like solar and wind power.

Top 5 Innovations in Oil Drilling

Oil drilling has been around for more than a century. But because of the numerous developments in the technology, it has grown leaps and bounds in that time.

What Wind Power Critics Who Cry 'Bird' Get Wrong

Bird death is a critique among those who oppose wind turbines. The data from multiple studies doesn't back that up.

If Elon Musk Loses This Bet, Tesla Could Be Out Serious Cash

Australia's having some serious energy issues. Elon Musk is betting Tesla can help.

This U.S. Power Plant Shows Why Coal Is Dying, Won't Make a Comeback

The largest coal-fired power plant in the western United States could close up shop by the end of 2017. And the reasons aren’t strictly environmental.

Thanks, Elon! Tiny Samoan Island Is Going Totally Solar

The island of Ta'u is ditching diesel and embracing solar, with a little help from SolarCity and some government funding.

Saudi Arabia Will Attempt to Lessen Its Addiction to Oil

Yep, the same country that's home to Saudi Aramco, an energy behemoth valued at trillions of dollars, thinks it might be time to start stepping away from the oil.

Meet Weyl, the Massless Particle That Could Upend Electronics

This strange and elusive quasiparticle could help to solve a major problem with modern electronics: power loss.

How the Tesla Powerwall Works

There's no question that people are interested in solar energy. The problem has been how to store it. Could the much-hyped Powerwall home battery change that scenario?

How Dyson Spheres Work

Could the source of Earth's future energy come from an ambitious idea to encircle the sun with technology? Maybe, but it's a concept that's a long way from today's reality.

10 Innovations in Hydropower

People all over the world are working on turning this very ancient power source into an even more important modern one. And that means a lot more than dams.

Nobody likes to spend a small fortune fueling up at the pump. Could some minuscule matter change that scenario and the energy sector in general?