Meteorological terms helps us to explain the weather, climate, and phenomena that occurs in our atmosphere. Learn more meteorological terms and how they are used here.


Sirocco, a southerly wind in the region of the Mediterranean Sea, blowing from the Sahara.

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  • How Clouds Work

    How Clouds Work

    Did bunnies just attack that sailboat, or was it a narwhal playing with a school of fish? Are you going crazy, or are you just watching the clouds? See more »

  • What is relative humidity and how does it affect how I feel outside?

    What is relative humidity and how does it affect how I feel outside?

    We hear about humidity in just about every weather report on the nightly news. There are several different ways meteorologists measure humidity, but relative humidity is the most common measurement. What is relative humidity, though? Find out in this See more »

  • American Meteorological Society

    American Meteorological Society

    American Meteorological Society, a scientific, educational, and professional society of meteorologists and others interested in the atmospheric sciences. See more »

  • Atmosphere


    Atmosphere, the mass of gases surrounding a planet or any other celestial object. See more »

  • Blizzard


    Blizzard, a blinding snowstorm with cold, high winds. In severe blizzards, the wind speed typically is more than 45 mph (72 km/h), the temperature below 10 F. See more »

  • Chinook


    Chinook, the American name for a warm, dry wind that blows down a mountainside. See more »

  • Climate


    Climate, the average condition of the weather in an area for a period of years. See more »

  • Condensation


    Condensation, the formation of a liquid from a vapor or gas. It occurs in the formation of clouds and when cooled, water vapor turns into dew or rain. See more »

  • Dew Point

    Dew Point

    Dew Point, the temperature at which water vapor in air will begin to condense, that is, change into a liquid or solid. See more »

  • Saint Elmos Fire

    Saint Elmos Fire

    St. Elmo's Fire, a form of electrical discharge that occurs around exposed objects, such as airplanes, church steeples, and ships, in the area of an electrical storm. See more »

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