Future Military

What will the military of the future look like? Get a glimpse of upcoming technologies and how they might be utilized, including combat wear, future space wars and high-tech military robots.

How Future Combat Systems Will Work

The U.S. Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) initiative is a massive overhaul of military technology intended to prepare the Army for modern warfare. Learn how.

Successful Test Puts Military One Step Closer to Electromagnetic Rail Guns

The sci-fi weapon's destructive power may be closer to reality thanks to a recent test of the General Atomics Blitzer system.

Is It Time for the United States to Establish a Space Force?

The Air Force currently handles U.S. military activities in space. But some experts argue that the country needs a new, independent Space Corps.

U.S. Air Force Sets Speed Record With Magnetically Levitating Rocket Sled

Military researchers created a maglev rocket sled that moves twice as fast as the speediest maglev train — but they're not planning to use it for travel.

China and the U.S. Can Avoid a Space War by Making That Hotline Bling

To skirt misunderstandings, the two countries recently established a direct 'hotline' to share info about activities in space. What's the precedent for that?

Autonomous Weapons: Coming to a Future Near You?

Advances in technology may soon make it possible for weapons to mount attacks without human direction. Meet the scientists who want to prevent this from happening.

Can drones replace fighter jets?

Military types are looking to drones to fly the deadly skies.

Are robots replacing human soldiers?

One U.S. Army leader says robots could account for a significant portion of American fighting forces in the next 20 years or so. Find out how machines are waging war now and how they may change the face of battle in the decades to come.

What do you think war will be like in 2050?

Technology has changed the way we fight wars. Future conflicts may be resolved with completely different types of weapons than the ones we use today. What can we expect to see in the years to come?

Do wars drive technological advancement?

Winning wars sometimes requires innovative new tools, so it seems possible that new technologies are developed in the heat of battle. But is all technology born from conflict?

What's the military (smart) fuel cell?

We may be used to fuel cells in our hybrid cars, but how about on our battlefields? Could this quiet, portable source of power help modern soldiers on covert military ops?