What will the military of the future look like? Get a glimpse of upcoming technologies and how they might be utilized, including combat wear, future space wars and high-tech military robots.

How Virtual Reality Military Applications Work

The military uses virtual reality for most everything -- from learning to fly a jet fighter to putting out a fire onboard a ship. Learn about how virtual reality military applications help with training and safety enhancement, and serve as a tool to analyze military maneuvers and battlefield positions.

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  • Are robots replacing human soldiers?

    Are robots replacing human soldiers?

    One U.S. Army leader says robots could account for a significant portion of American fighting forces in the next 20 years or so. Find out how machines are waging war now and how they may change the face of battle in the decades to come. See more »

  • Do wars drive technological advancement?

    Do wars drive technological advancement?

    Winning wars sometimes requires innovative new tools, so it seems possible that new technologies are developed in the heat of battle. But is all technology born from conflict? See more »

  • Fact or Fiction: Exoskeletons

    Fact or Fiction: Exoskeletons

    So you're a would-be Tony Stark. But how much do you actually know about powered exoskeletons, aka "Iron Man" suits? Test your knowledge with our Fact or Fiction quiz. See more »

  • How Exoskeletons Will Work

    How Exoskeletons Will Work

    If you're a fan of Iron Man comic books and movies, you probably wish you had a flight-capable suit of armor to battle evildoers. Well, you might just be in luck. See more »

  • How Future Combat Systems Will Work

    How Future Combat Systems Will Work

    The U.S. Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) initiative is a massive overhaul of military technology intended to prepare the Army for modern warfare. Learn how. See more »

  • How Laser Weapons Work

    How Laser Weapons Work

    Laser weapons have been depicted in science fiction for years, but they do exist in real life. How is the military looking to use laser technology? See more »

  • How Military Pain Beams Will Work

    How Military Pain Beams Will Work

    Phasers have been a staple of SciFi for decades, and the "pain beams" being developed by the U.S. military bring us one step closer to that technology. Learn about this new weaponry. See more »

  • How Military Robots Work

    How Military Robots Work

    Soldiers face danger every day -- detecting landmines, deactivating unexploded bombs and scoping out hostile buildings are tasks that don't always require a human presence. That's where military robots come in. See more »

  • How Space Wars Will Work

    How Space Wars Will Work

    Weapons in space that can knock down missiles have been under development for years and are starting to look realistic. Learn how they will work! See more »

  • How the Future Force Warrior Will Work

    How the Future Force Warrior Will Work

    For the battlefield of the future, the U.S. Army is developing an infantry uniform that will provide superhuman strength and much more. Learn how the Future Force Warrior will turn a soldier into an "F-16 on legs." See more »

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