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Future Military

What will the military of the future look like? Get a glimpse of upcoming technologies and how they might be utilized, including combat wear, future space wars and high-tech military robots.

Successful Test Puts Military One Step Closer to Electromagnetic Rail Guns

A recent test of the General Atomics Blitzer system means the sci-fi weapon's destructive power may be within reach. Learn more in this HowStuffWorks article. See more »

Is It Time for the United States to Establish a Space Force?

Does the United States need a military space force independent of the Air Force? Learn about a potential Space Force in this HowStuffWorks article. See more »

U.S. Air Force Sets Speed Record With Magnetically Levitating Rocket Sled

The US Air Force recently set a world record for maglev land speed. Learn more about maglev technology in this HowStuffWorks Now article. See more »

China and the U.S. Can Avoid a Space War by Making That Hotline Bling

Has there ever been anything before like the U.S.-China space hotline established to avoid conflict? Learn more in this HowStuffWorks Now article. See more »

Autonomous Weapons: Coming to a Future Near You?

Technology may soon make it possible for weapons to mount attacks without human direction. Learn more about autonomous weapons at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

Can drones replace fighter jets?

Will drones fly the deadly skies in the future? Find out if drones can replace fighter jets at HowStuffWorks. See more »

Are robots replacing human soldiers?

Are robots replacing human soldiers? One U.S. Army leader says they could be a big part of U.S. forces in the future. Find out more at HowStuffWorks. See more »

What do you think war will be like in 2050?

Warfare has changed drastically over the years. Here’s what we think the future of warfare has in store for us even as we hope that the question becomes purely academic. What’s your prediction about the future of war? Let us know in our comments sect ... See more »

Do wars drive technological advancement?

Wars drive technological advancement because of the need of specialized tools on the battlefield. Find out how wars drive technological advancement. See more »

What's the military (smart) fuel cell?

A military smart fuel cell is explained in this article from HowStuffWorks. Learn about a military smart fuel cell. See more »