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Unexplained Phenomena

Unexplained phenomena are all around us. Here you can learn about topics that include spontaneous human combustion, crop circles and the Bermuda Triangle.

Are the Dropa stones authentic?

The legend of the Dropa stones has persisted for over half a century now, but is any of it actually true? Explore the mystery of the Dropa stones. See more »

Are the Ica stones authentic?

Ica stones are allegedly ancient carvings, but are they real? Find if the Ica stones are authentic or a hoax. See more »

Do fish ever really rain from the sky?

Could fish rain from the sky? Things like this don't really happen, right? Find out. See more »

Did the Colossi of Memnon used to sing at sunrise?

Did the Colossi of Memnon actually sing at one time? And if so, why don't they sing anymore? Find out. See more »

What are ley lines?

Ley lines are thought to connect important and sacred sites throughout the world with electromagnetic energy. Learn more about ley lines. See more »

What are the Nazca lines?

Nazca lines are light, colored etchings that mark the desert soil of southern Peru. Explore the mystery of the Nazca lines. See more »

What is ectoplasm?

Does ectoplasm prove that the ghosts real? Does ectoplasm even exist? Find out. See more »

What's the Zone of Silence?

The Zone of Silence sounds like a good place to get some studying done. But it's actually a paranormal hoax. See more »

What is Littlewood's law of miracles?

Is there law to indicate how often miracles occur? Math professor John Littlewood seemed to think so. See more »

What is pyrokinesis?

Pyrokinesis is the ability to start fires with your mind. Is that a real-life thing or comic-book fantasy? See more »