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Strange Creatures

Have you ever wondered what a chupacabra is? Learn about cryptozoological oddities like Bigfoot, as well as the real science behind zombies and other strange creatures.

If Dragons Were Real, Could They Breathe Fire?

HowStuffWorks looks to the real natural world for clues as to how dragons might be able to breathe fire if they actually existed. See more »

Beyond the Leprechaun: Weird Monsters Who Haunt Irish Mythology

What fanciful, mythological creatures inhabit the legends of Ireland? Learn more about myth in this HowStuffWorks article. See more »

How Long Could Humanity Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

HowStuffWorks Now reports on a study that determined how long human would survive a zombie apocalypse. See more »

Mysterious Taxonomy: The Cryptids Quiz

It's time to earn your degree in cryptozoology. The final exam: Identify the 30 cryptids in this quiz based on their descriptions. See more »

Monster Science Digs Up Some Vampire Vixens From Nature

Sexy female vampires might seem the stuff of horror fiction, but nature has some, too. Watch the latest Monster Science episode to learn more. See more »

Yes, Unicorns Were Real, if You Want to Call This One

An extinct rhinoceros that's been dubbed the 'Siberian unicorn' may have lived alongside humans. Learn more about the animal at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

People Are on the Hunt for Bigfoot. Here's How They're Funding It

With all the television shows about Bigfoot out there, who's actually funding the Sasquatch search? Learn more in this HowStuffWorks Now article. See more »

'Monster Science' Links Werewolves to Cannibal Salamanders

On the eve of Halloween, Dr. Jessup has one final "Monster Science" lecture, and it's on werewolves. Learn more about werewolves at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

The Unicorn Ain’t What It Used to Be

Unicorns go back thousands of years in folklore, and their appearance has changed quite a bit. Learn more unicorn history at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

'Monster Science' Gets Familiar With Baraka From 'Mortal Kombat'

Many of nature's most formidable weapons develop via intrasexual selection. Learn more about Mortal Kombat at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »