In this section you can learn all about armored transports like tanks and Humvees. Find out what makes them so tough and how they are used in combat situations.

The Stridsvagn 103 Main Battle Tank

The Stridsvagn 103 Main Battle Tank, or S tank, is the first practical turretless MBT to be developed. The low profile makes the tank hard to see when moving and very hard to find when lying in ambush. Check out the Stridsvagn 103 Main Battle Tank.

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  • Do we still need nuclear submarines?

    Do we still need nuclear submarines?

    During the Cold War, the U.S. and USSR kicked nuclear submarine production into high gear. But if the Cold War is over, why are we still making them? What are our nuclear subs up to these days? See more »

  • How Bradley Fighting Vehicles Work

    How Bradley Fighting Vehicles Work

    The U.S. military uses the Bradley Fighting Vehicle to scout enemy positions and transport troops into hostile territory. With land and sea capabilities, as well as speed and heavy-duty weapons, it's well-outfitted for the job. Learn all about the Bradley and check out some great action photos. See more »

  • How Crusher Works

    How Crusher Works

    At the Carnegie Mellon debut, a Crusher prototype rolled over and crushed piles of cars that would have most monster trucks backing up with their tails between their legs. Crusher is no typical truck. It can drive right over a 4-foot vertical wall while carrying 8,000 pounds of cargo – and no people. See more »

  • How M1 Tanks Work

    How M1 Tanks Work

    The M1 can withstand an attack from any tank out there -- including another M1. Learn all about the toughest armored land vehicle in the world. See more »

  • How Strykers Work

    How Strykers Work

    The U.S. Army's Stryker is a lesson in flexibility: There are as many Stryker configurations as there are tasks to complete in today's military. Plus, it's easier to deploy than the mighty M1. Learn all about the Army's ambitious Stryker project: anywhere in the world within 96 hours. See more »

  • Is the army testing an invisible tank?

    Is the army testing an invisible tank?

    Scientists are working on a cloaking method that would render tanks effectively invisible. New metamaterials may bend light, making the tank and its shadow indiscernible. See more »

  • AMX-13 Light Tank

    AMX-13 Light Tank

    The AMX-13 Light Tank was modified to suit the needs of various countries. This tank could be used as both a tank destroyer and a reconnaisance tank. Learn about the history and design of France's AMX-13 Light Tank. See more »

  • AMX-30 Main Battle Tank

    AMX-30 Main Battle Tank

    The AMX-30 Main Battle Tank served as the principal Main Battle Tank for the French Army. This tank is unique in that it features its own built-in anti-air defense system. Learn about the history of the AMX-30 Main Battle Tank. See more »

  • Centurion Main Battle Tank

    Centurion Main Battle Tank

    The Centurion Main Battle Tank was heavily armed and used by many countries. This tank was the most heavily armored tank ever produced in the post-war years. Learn the history and design of Britain's Centurion Main Battle Tank. See more »

  • Chieftain Main Battle Tank

    Chieftain Main Battle Tank

    The Chieftan Main Battle Tank had excellent firepower and protection capabilities. Nuclear-biological-chemical protection is featured on this tank through the help of a forced-air filtration system. Learn the history and design of Britain's Chieftan Main Battle Tank. See more »

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