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Tanks & Fighting Vehicles

In this section you can learn all about armored transports like tanks and Humvees. Find out what makes them so tough and how they are used in combat situations.

T-80 Main Battle Tank

The T-80 Main Battle Tank continued the evolution of T-64 and T-72, adding a gas turbine engine. Because of the engine, this particular tank had the capability to reach 40 miles per hour. Explore the T-80 Main Battle Tank at HowStuffWorks.

Do we still need nuclear submarines?

The need for nuclear submarines has been questioned in our post-Cold War world: Are these subs necessary? Learn about the need for nuclear submarines. See more »

Type 61 Main Battle Tank

The Type 61 Main Battle Tank was the first armored vehicle designed and built in post-war Japan. Read about the Type 61 Main Battle Tank. See more »

Type 97 SHINHOTO CHI-HA Medium Tank

The Japanese Type 97 SHINHOTO CHI-HA Medium Tank and its variants were deployed against Allied troops in World War II. Learn more about Type 97 tanks. See more »

Merkava Main Battle Tank

The Merkava Main Battle Tank takes the best features from American, British and Soviet tanks and has been Israel's main line of defense since 1979. See more »

Type 95 KE-GO Light Tank

The Type 95 KE-GO Light Tank was designed to be lighter and faster than the previous Type 89 model. Learn more about this historic Japanese tank. See more »

The Stridsvagn 103 Main Battle Tank

The Stridsvagn 103 was the first practical turretless main battle tank to be developed. Come explore the history and technology of this historic tank. See more »

Japanese Type 89 Chi-Ro Medium Tank

The Japanese Type 89 CHI-RO Medium Tank first saw military combat action in 1932. See more »

Is the army testing an invisible tank?

An invisible tank could give any military a distinctive edge on the battlefield. Find out how the British army is developing an invisible tank. See more »

Historic Tanks

Tanks are armored military vehicles designed to break through enemy lines. Check out profiles of historical tanks with photos and specifications. See more »

Infantry Tank Mark II A-12

The Infantry Tank Mark II A-12, or Matilda II, signified a change in Britain's thinking about tanks. Learn about the Infantry Tank Mark II A-12. See more »