Do you know how common everyday items, such as mirrors, fireworks or sunglasses work? This collection of Innovation articles explores the workings of objects you may come into contact with on a regular basis.

Read on for a roundup of our latest podcasts and articles, from plastic-eating caterpillars to a radical 19th-century political assassination plot.

MIT has created a system capable of 3-D printing the basic structure of an entire building, cutting time and money costs — with an eye on Antarctica, and even Mars.

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Hare-to-the-throne Simon was rabbit royalty expected to surpass his dad Darius and brother Jeff as the world's largest rabbit. But then he mysteriously died.

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This week's roundup of HowStuffWorks podcasts and articles features memory erasure, nuclear close calls and a crib that soothes babies with technology.

Dive into stories on enormous dinosaur tracks, foreign accent syndrome and tech memes in this week's highlights of the latest podcasts and articles at HowStuffWorks.

According to a new study, whole-body vibration has muscle and bone health benefits for mice.

Your next set of tires could come courtesy of food waste. Researchers have found a way to use everyday food scraps instead of petroleum, and it could change the industry.

The set of pioneering real-life scientists beat out other fan proposals including "Voltron," "Star Wars" and "Spaceballs" characters.

Check out a compilation of the coolest new podcasts and articles at HowStuffWorks, featuring barbers who use fire as clippers and a venomous mammalian ancestor.

Check out these HowStuffWorks podcasts and articles, featuring topics ranging from nearly indestructible "water bears" to a new Dead Sea scrolls cave!

A compilation of the coolest new podcasts, videos and articles at HowStuffWorks.

Despite decades of research, we'd be just as well off flipping a coin, when it comes to estimating a person's likelihood to attempt suicide.

A compilation of the coolest new podcasts, videos and articles at HowStuffWorks.

A compilation of the coolest new podcasts, videos and articles at HowStuffWorks.

President-elect Trump has proposed cutting the agency's Earth science budget. But doing so could negatively impact construction, farming and infrastructure projects.

Around the world, in study after study, one color and one number always emerge as faves. Can you guess what they are?

Critics worry that journals with lax standards are lowering the reliability of scientific literature — and exploiting the inexperience of young researchers.

Researchers have discovered a way to trigger and control a visual hallucination without drugs, illness or direct brain stimulation.

The app aims to make the school cafeteria a kinder and more welcoming place for all students. But will it work?

As if it weren't enough for the robots to steal human jobs, the era of autonomous furniture is apparently upon us.

Ever wonder what's happening as your hair changes color? Permanent hair dyes physically and chemically change each hair, whether it's mermaid blue or bleach blonde.

After surveying thousands of published genetics papers, researchers found nearly one-fifth had errors caused by Microsoft Excel in their supplementary files. Uh-oh.