Get the science behind the inner workings of bombs, missiles and handheld weapons, including grenades. Learn how they work and how they are used to inflict maximum damage.

How the Guardian Anti-missile System Works

In the last few years, the threat to commercial airplanes has become larger than ever. Learn how the Guardian Solution for Commercial Airplanes, created by Northrop Grumman, can defend the planes from lethal types of attacks.

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  • 10 Terrorist Plots That Failed

    10 Terrorist Plots That Failed

    Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, an estimated 54 other attacks on the U.S. have failed. And these are only the ones we know about. Some, like the underwear bomber and the shoe bomber, live on in infamy. Others are more obscure. See more »

  • Can you really outrun an explosion?

    Can you really outrun an explosion?

    "Die Hard" films' John McClane (not to mention a long line of other Hollywood action heroes) never met an explosion he couldn't outrun. In real life, it's not so easy to sprint away from a blast. See more »

  • Fire Away! 'Star Wars' Missile Defense Quiz

    Fire Away! 'Star Wars' Missile Defense Quiz

    In 1983, U.S. President Ronald Reagan announced a new plan for protecting against a nuclear strike: the Strategic Defense Initiative. Reagan's idea almost immediately earned the unwelcome nickname "Star Wars." How much do you know about the program? See more »

  • How Blast-resistant Clothing Works

    How Blast-resistant Clothing Works

    Your most rugged pair of blue jeans can't hold a candle to the cutting-edge blast-resistant clothing and technology. Sure, these fabrics are tough, but can they diffuse bomb blasts? See more »

  • How Bomb-sniffing Dogs Work

    How Bomb-sniffing Dogs Work

    Unless you're a pyromaniac, you probably have no idea what explosives smell like. Find out how these super sniffers risk life and paw to protect the public in How Bomb-sniffing Dogs Work. See more »

  • How Bombs Work

    How Bombs Work

    Bombs come in many different shapes and sizes -- as small as a grenade to as huge as a thermonuclear warhead. See what the inside of a bomb looks like and learn how it's detonated. See more »

  • How Bunker Busters Work

    How Bunker Busters Work

    Ordinary bombs can take out surface facilities; but when the target is underground or otherwise embedded, the job requires a bomb with penetrating power. That's where bunker busters come in. See more »

  • How C-4 Works

    How C-4 Works

    C-4 is in the news quite a bit these days -- it's a powerful explosive that's used in terrorist attacks all over the world. Find out what C-4 explosive is and what it can do. See more »

  • How can you train honeybees to sniff for bombs?

    How can you train honeybees to sniff for bombs?

    Those same, buzzing insects that seek out molecular hints of the pollen they use to make honey can just as easily detect traces of materials used to bombs. How are honeybees used to find bombs? See more »

  • How Controlled Detonations Work

    How Controlled Detonations Work

    It's a delicate, hair-raising business that usually ends in triumph, but can, in certain circumstances, end in tragedy. Welcome to the world of a bomb squad technician. It's explosive. See more »

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