Edible Innovations

From the deceptive simplicity of bread to the fascinating world of molecular gastronomy, learn all about the food you eat with these articles about edible innovations.

Electricity-free Fridge Could Change Millions of Lives

Food spoilage is an urgent issue for the millions of people with unreliable electricity — or no electricity at all. A supercool $35 fridge could change that common scenario.

From Food Waste to Wheels: Researchers Turn Tomatoes Into Tires

Your next set of tires could come courtesy of food waste. Researchers have found a way to use everyday food scraps instead of petroleum, and it could change the industry.

So Exactly What Is American Cheese, Really?

It's melty, it's gooey, it's oozy, it's yellow, it's processed It's on your burgers and in your grilled cheese sandwiches. But, uh… what's it made of?

New Device Turns Grape Juice to Wine in Just an Hour. Where Do We Sign Up?

Researchers develop a gadget that lets winemakers hasten the fermentation process, experiment more.

How Color-changing Ice Cream Works

Sure, novelty foods can seem gimmicky sometimes, but color-changing ice cream is a treat that's fun for your taste buds and your eyes. Learn the chemistry behind the confection — it's sweeter than you think.

Bacon Seaweed Makes Everything Better

When fried up, the seaweed dulse tastes a lot like bacon, giving it lots of vegan market possibilities.

Could you grow meat from stem cells?

We tend not to want to think about where our food comes from. Picture a cow in a field, mentally skip the butchery part — voila, hamburger! Is a petri dish any different, really?

Do people really use radiators to make stills?

If history has taught us one thing, it's that moonshiners tend to be pretty resourceful when it comes to distilling liquor. But can car radiators really do the work of a still? Is that even safe to do?

Does beer make milk curdle?

Beer is quickly becoming a trendy mixer for more adventurous cocktail drinkers. However, this acidic ingredient doesn't always play well with others. Why can't beer and milk just get along?

Does flat beer lose its alcohol content?

The age of a beer can dramatically influence its flavor -- and usually not for the better. But what about its alcohol content? Does a decade-old barley pop still pack the same wallop as one bottled the week before?