Explore the weapons and combat systems used by the armed services. A broad range of topics in the Military Channel includes tanks, aircraft, biological warfare and stealth technologies.

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Why Smoking Rates in the Military Are So High

New evidence shows that Big Tobacco specifically targeted U.S soldiers, because they were "less educated" among other reasons.

Is North Korea Equipped to Attack the United States?

In late July 2017, North Korea upped its threats the United States and its allies with nuclear strikes — and the U.N. responded with strict and overwhelming sanctions.

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

Sheltering in place could give you the best chance of surviving a nuclear attack.

Why a Draft Would Weaken the U.S. Military

Most experts agree that the all-volunteer military is what makes the U.S. armed forces the best in the world. Would that change if the draft was reinstated?

Gun Purchases for Self-Defense Skyrocket

A new study shows gun sales in the U.S. for self-defense soars, while sales for recreational shooting and hunting languish.

How Camp X Worked

The history of the secret spy training school may be overlooked, but Camp X played a vital role in intelligence gathering during World War II.

Successful Test Puts Military One Step Closer to Electromagnetic Rail Guns

The sci-fi weapon's destructive power may be closer to reality thanks to a recent test of the General Atomics Blitzer system.

Ghost Tape No. 10: The Haunted Mixtape of the Vietnam War

In one of its more bizarre moments, the U.S. Army created voice tapes of allegedly wandering souls to depress Viet Cong morale.

The Mother of All Bombs Is Big But It's No Nuke

The MOAB is the largest nonnuclear bomb ever used by the U.S. So what makes it OK to drop this bomb and not a nuclear warhead? We dive in to find out.

Using Glowing Bacteria and Lasers to Detect Landmines

With tens of millions of active landmines still buried around the globe, scientists are looking for efficient and safe methods to remove them.

Is It Time for the United States to Establish a Space Force?

The Air Force currently handles U.S. military activities in space. But some experts argue that the country needs a new, independent Space Corps.

The Simple Difference Between Ballistic Missiles and Cruise Missiles

Despite the phrase "going ballistic," the term "ballistic" refers to how a missile travels through the air, not its explosive capability.

Thought Experiment: What Would a World Without Guns Be Like?

Would populations boom and violence cease? Or would humans and human nature essentially remain the same?

5 Surprising Facts About Gun Silencers

For instance, gun silencers don't make guns all that quiet.

Russia Once Built a Doomsday Device Nicknamed 'Dead Hand'

How did it work? Is it still around? The BrainStuff team investigates.

U.S. Air Force Sets Speed Record With Magnetically Levitating Rocket Sled

Military researchers created a maglev rocket sled that moves twice as fast as the speediest maglev train — but they're not planning to use it for travel.

Ridiculous History: The U.S. Navy Used Dirigibles as Flying Aircraft Carriers

Aloft in the 1930s, the helium-filled USS Akron and Macon were aircraft carriers that docked biplanes. Today both rest beneath the waters off California's Pacific coast.

U.S. Lawmakers Ask Whether It's Time for Women to Register for the Draft

With military combat roles opening to all, should women have the responsibility to register for the draft at 18 like men? A bill aims to catalyze the conversation.

China and the U.S. Can Avoid a Space War by Making That Hotline Bling

To skirt misunderstandings, the two countries recently established a direct 'hotline' to share info about activities in space. What's the precedent for that?

Autonomous Weapons: Coming to a Future Near You?

Advances in technology may soon make it possible for weapons to mount attacks without human direction. Meet the scientists who want to prevent this from happening.

How do they deice airplanes?

If you're traveling during the winter time, there's a good chance that your flight may be delayed because the plane needs deicing. Why do they wait until the last minute to do this?

Why are drone pilots leaving the military?

Why the skies aren't exactly so friendly for drone pilots.

Can drones replace fighter jets?

Military types are looking to drones to fly the deadly skies.

How Laser-firing Jets Will Work

"Star Wars" at sea? That's sort of the promise of a new generation of laser-firing jets now being developed by the U.S. military.

How Drone Strikes Work

We know how drone strikes are supposed to work: After careful monitoring, the bad guy is targeted and taken out. The reality is often much hazier — and deadlier.