Explore the weapons and combat systems used by the armed services. A broad range of topics in the Military Channel includes tanks, aircraft, biological warfare and stealth technologies.

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How could the Airborne School help your career?

Thrill seekers love to jump out of planes for fun, so you can imagine how many soldiers are excited to earn their "jump wings" with formal training at Airborne School. But can going to "Jump School" help you with your career path?

How to Become an Army Air Traffic Controller

U.S. Army air traffic controllers manage the flow of military aircraft, but they remain soldiers at all times, bravely performing under combat conditions in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Learn more about this competitive career field.

How to Become an Army Pharmacy Technician

More than half a million Americans serve in the well-oiled machine known as the U.S. Army, and they're not all soldiers. Some are photographers, some are mechanics and some work in pharmacies. How does someone become an Army pharmacy technician?

How Army Unit Supply Specialists Work

If you're a soldier fighting a war in a foreign country, you want to have everything you need at your fingertips. It's a matter of life and death, and Army unit supply specialists help give soldiers the tools they need to fight.

How to Become an Army Interpreter or Translator

From World War I to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. military has rarely been able to fire a shot without bringing along soldiers fluent in a language other than English. How does someone get a position translating for the army?

How to Become an Army Intelligence Analyst

For as long as America has had soldiers, its army has been scrutinizing information about its enemies to gain an advantage on the battlefield. That's the job of an Army intelligence analyst. So, how do you develop a career in this exciting field?

How Army Reconnaissance Jobs Work

Picture yourself deep behind enemy lines, taking calculated risks to gather information about the enemy. This is Army reconnaissance work. How can you earn yourself a spot among the reconnaissance ranks?

How the Partnership for Youth Success Program Works

How do soldiers in the U.S. Army prepare for careers once their service is done? The Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program lets them build relationships with cooperating companies and get an early start on a profession.

How NCO Professional Development Ribbons Work

Noncommissioned officers (NCOs) are the backbone of the U.S. Army, rising through the ranks to become leaders. But positions this demanding require extensive training, which the Army provides in the form of professional development courses.

How the Army Nurse Corps Works

Whether they're on the front lines treating soldiers' battle wounds or stateside caring for veterans, Army nurses are a trusted and respected part of the U.S. military. Think you have what it takes to be one of the military's medical elite?

How to Become an Army Linguist

Whether you already know a second language or want to learn one, the Army's linguist program could provide you with ample opportunities. Find out how.

How Becoming a Doctor in the Army Works

Doctors in the U.S. Army may tend the wounded in a combat zone but they're just as likely to be taking care of soldiers on an army base or doing research. Find out the benefits and challenges of becoming an army doctor.

Is war murder?

Wars and murders have much the same result -- by the end, someone will be dead. One is condoned, while the other is punished. Why is that? What makes the two so different from each another?

Do wars drive technological advancement?

Winning wars sometimes requires innovative new tools, so it seems possible that new technologies are developed in the heat of battle. But is all technology born from conflict?

When and why did we invent war?

People have been fighting with one another longer than humans have recorded their history. Conflicts are unavoidable. But can anyone say for sure when the first war broke out? Why did we invent wars, anyway?

Watch Your Six: Military Jet Pictures

Jets are one of the best tools that a military has at its disposal. They’re fast, fierce and effective. From reconnaissance to target engagement, these aircraft are 10 sophisticated assets.

Submarine Pictures

Submarines are built in a dry dock just like other seagoing vessels. Take an inside look at these fully submersible wonders of technology.

10 Financial Tips for Preparing for Deployment

When military personnel are deployed in service to their country, their financial responsibilities aren't put on hold. What should they do to make sure their affairs are still in order upon returning home?

What's the military (smart) fuel cell?

We may be used to fuel cells in our hybrid cars, but how about on our battlefields? Could this quiet, portable source of power help modern soldiers on covert military ops?

How Military Credit Unions Work

Whether you're saving for college or a Hawaiian honeymoon, a military credit union might be able to help your reach your financial goal. But can you join one if you're not a member of the military?

Can high-tech military gadgets improve safety for soldiers and civilians in combat?

The U.S. military spends a lot of time and money developing cutting-edge gadgetry to help keep soldiers and civilians alive in the heat of battle. How are these gizmos changing the art of war?

Top 5 Gadgets on the High-tech Soldier

Soldiers rely on all kinds of high-tech gadgets to help them get their jobs done. Some of them are specially designed for military use, while others are gizmos you might have in your pocket right now.

Do gamers make good soldiers?

There are lots of video games about war, and manipulating game controllers can build hand-eye coordination. But does playing video games prepare you for real-life combat?

Top 5 Sci-fi Weapons that Might Actually Happen

Over the years, the science-fiction genre has amassed an impressive arsenal. Is anything from those fictional armories remotely close to becoming a reality?

Gun Pictures

Guns come in all shapes and sizes. Put on your safety gear and take a look at this gallery of revolvers, Glocks, shotguns and even flamethrowers.