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Fog, a cloud that occurs at the earth's surface. It usually consists of tiny water droplets suspended in the air, but in very cold conditions it may consist of ice particles.

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  • Humidity


    Humidity, the water-vapor content of the air. Absolute humidity is the weight of the water in a given volume of air. See more »

  • Saint Elmos Fire

    Saint Elmos Fire

    St. Elmo's Fire, a form of electrical discharge that occurs around exposed objects, such as airplanes, church steeples, and ships, in the area of an electrical storm. See more »

  • Snow


    Snow, ice crystals that fall from the sky. Snow, like rain, sleet, and hail, is a form of precipitation —moisture reaching the earth from the sky. See more »

  • Dew


    Dew, a deposit of moisture that forms on the surface of a cool object. Dew is most commonly seen on leaves and grass in the early morning. See more »

  • Drought


    Drought, or Drouth, an extended dry period, with rainfall far below the average. See more »

  • Frost


    Frost (also called Hoarfrost and White Frost), ice crystals produced by the freezing of water vapor on the ground, on objects near the ground, or on windows. See more »

  • Hail


    Hail, lumps of ice that fall from thunderstorm clouds. Individual lumps, called hailstones, are usually round and have a rough surface. See more »

  • Haze


    Haze, a slight clouding of the atmosphere caused by the suspension in the air of dust, soot, or other solid matter. See more »

  • Horse Latitudes

    Horse Latitudes

    Horse Latitudes, subtropical belts of high atmospheric pressure at about 30 latitude in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. See more »

  • Indian Summer

    Indian Summer

    Indian Summer, a period of summerlike weather that occurs between the first frost of autumn and the onset of winter, notably in the central and Atlantic coast states and in Canada. See more »

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