Meteorological terms helps us to explain the weather, climate, and phenomena that occurs in our atmosphere. Learn more meteorological terms and how they are used here.

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  • Dew


    Dew, a deposit of moisture that forms on the surface of a cool object. Dew is most commonly seen on leaves and grass in the early morning. See more »

  • Drought


    Drought, or Drouth, an extended dry period, with rainfall far below the average. See more »

  • Fog


    Fog, a cloud that occurs at the earth's surface. It usually consists of tiny water droplets suspended in the air, but in very cold conditions it may consist of ice particles. See more »

  • Frost


    Frost (also called Hoarfrost and White Frost), ice crystals produced by the freezing of water vapor on the ground, on objects near the ground, or on windows. See more »

  • Hail


    Hail, lumps of ice that fall from thunderstorm clouds. Individual lumps, called hailstones, are usually round and have a rough surface. See more »

  • Haze


    Haze, a slight clouding of the atmosphere caused by the suspension in the air of dust, soot, or other solid matter. See more »

  • Horse Latitudes

    Horse Latitudes

    Horse Latitudes, subtropical belts of high atmospheric pressure at about 30 latitude in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. See more »

  • Humidity


    Humidity, the water-vapor content of the air. Absolute humidity is the weight of the water in a given volume of air. See more »

  • Indian Summer

    Indian Summer

    Indian Summer, a period of summerlike weather that occurs between the first frost of autumn and the onset of winter, notably in the central and Atlantic coast states and in Canada. See more »

  • Isotherm


    Isotherm, in geography, a line drawn on a map connecting places that have the same average temperature for a given period of time. See more »

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