Meteorological terms helps us to explain the weather, climate, and phenomena that occurs in our atmosphere. Learn more meteorological terms and how they are used here.


Condensation, the formation of a liquid from a vapor or gas. It occurs in the formation of clouds and when cooled, water vapor turns into dew or rain.

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  • Waterspout


    Waterspout, a whirlwind over water. Within the waterspout is an area of rising air currents and relatively low pressure. See more »

  • Whirlwind


    Whirlwind, a general term for any whirling body of air. The term is most often applied to whirling air created by the swift rising of warm air from near the surface of the earth. See more »

  • Wind


    Wind, the movement of air over the earth's surface. The upward movement of air is known as an updraft; movement downward, as a downdraft. See more »

  • Wind Shear

    Wind Shear

    Wind Shear, in meteorology, a difference in the speed or direction of the wind, or in both the wind's speed and direction, at two points a short distance apart. See more »

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